Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 218)


Summer is HERE! The year is half over! Oh my gosh I am so behind on EVERYTHING.

You know the hard and concrete like Friday routine. Once you have thoroughly covered yourself with a protective cover of SPFblather you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the FBI again trying to find Jimmy Hoffa (let it GO!), over to Conversion Diary to see what others have been up to.

And now onto the blather of a most curious sort.

I used to rely on Amazon for book reviews if I was thinking about reading a particular book.

But I have stopped doing that. They pay their reviewers. I don’t think I can trust them.

So I have switched to reading the reviews on Goodreads. Usually thorough, from someone who has actually read the book and wants to tell me about it.

I am happy.

Now if I could just find some time to actually read a book.

Why did it never occur to me before that I could actually watch Netflix streaming on my iPad and at the same time edit photos on my computer.

Oh this is absolutely lovely.

Listening to music works well.

But so does Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.

There are 49 days left until Shoe Queen and Slim Jim’s big day.

Forty. Nine. Days.

Oh man. We have a lot of things that still need to be done. You should see the dining room table! It has become wedding preparation central. My ultimate goal is to be done with everything a week before the wedding.

Pipe dream?

I think not.

I am trying out a new way to share photos with my clients. In the past I have provided a DVD or thumb drive just chock full of photos. But in this day and age of wanting to show and share it was difficult for clients to show others the photos that I had produced for them. Handing them the DVD was clunky. And some people still look at a thumb drive and scratch their heads and wonder what it is.

And then…….

Awhile back I came across a blog post from one of my favorite photographers, Deborah Zoe. She was talking about a way of sharing her photos with her clients. A way that was new, exciting, and easier both for her and for clients.


I could explain it but you will get a better idea if you just watch the short video. The fact that there is “an app for that” makes it all the sweeter. I have been thinking about better ways to share my work both with clients and their wider circle as well as marketing myself and booking more clients.

This may be the place.

No, this doesn’t replace the Hidden Moments Photography website. It is just another way to share.

But I so sadly neglect my poor website.

I love you website! I really do!

This weekend I am driving out to The Land of Felon Governors Illinois to attend a shower for Shoe Queen, put on by her future MiL (The Professor) and some of The Professor’s friends.

A good time will be had by all.

And I am taking the opportunity to get in a bit of a “girls weekend” with The Chef.

2013-02-25 13.26.40

We talk ALL the time…and txt….but we don’t get to actually see each other all that often. And so, since we were both going to be in the same state at the same time we decided that we would just hang together and have a bit of a girls weekend after the shower is completed.


You know what is a big problem with being so busy?

Other than the whole “I am not blogging all that much and you will surely leave me” thing?

It is that I am so busy that I don’t get time to read all the blogs that I currently follow.

And that becomes a really big problem because all of a sudden I will remember that I haven’t read any blogs for a boat load of days and I will go and check Feedly and have 8 BAZZILLION unread blog posts.

The dilemma then becomes how to get caught up. I just checked and I have 40, count them, FORTY posts from Digital Photography School that I haven’t read. And that is just the tip of the ice berg my friends.

Help me, I’m drowning in blogs. The one good thing is that Feedly has a pretty good iPad app so I can lay in bed and read blogs…

Or not.


No decision yet about cable. I am sure that you are just losing sleep over that.

But I can tell you this. If Time Warner Cable can give us faster internet then I am in. You know #5 above? The one where I talk about PASS. Well, it has taken me a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time today to upload photos for this couple’s new gallery.


Hamsters in a wheel are faster than my internet.


  1. I also used to rely on Amazon for my reviews and then switched to Goodreads, for the same reasons you mentioned. Maybe you know about this, but Amazon bought Goodreads in March:

    I haven't noticed any big changes at GR yet, but we shall see. Sorry to be the bearer of (possibly) bad tidings, but hope you are enjoying Benedict and have a great weekend!

  2. #2 - hooray for multi-tasking!

  3. Internet Friend-to-Be! Just clicked over from Jen's Quick Takes (which is the whole point, right?) and smiled outright at your blog header. LOVE that graduation photo; it's an original (to me, anyway) and these days that's SO refreshing.

    Love your writing, too, and as a fellow blogger/mom/photographer/wedding planner (though of my seven, the oldest is just 15 and consequently I've got some time) I share your dilemma of wanting to read more than I have *time* to read. I am glad I stopped by today; am adding you to my {new} Feedly reader; and will keep your upcoming wedding intentions close to my heart.

    See what a good {new} friend I am?


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