Thursday, June 27, 2013

Michelle and Greg

FINALLY I can tell you about the fabulous day that Erica and I had photographing Michelle and Greg’s wedding.

I am a slow editor…and I am not done yet. But Michelle has seen most of the pictures and so now can you.

OK you cannot see all of them cuz, well, you would still be here next year. But you can see a smattering.

Ch-Gr Bride 14_BWCh-Gr_1295_edited-1Ch-Gr_1316_edited-1Ch-Gr_1540_BWCh-Gr_5269_edited-1Ch-Gr_5301_edited-1Ch-Gr_1318_edited-1Ch-Gr_1563_edited-1Ch-Gr_1602_edited-1Ch-Gr_1615_BWCh-Gr_1856_BWCh-Gr_1838_edited-1Ch-Gr_1856_edited-1Ch-Gr_1876_edited-1Ch-Gr_1871_edited-1Ch-Gr_1933_edited-1Ch-Gr_1868_edited-1Ch-Gr_1623_BWaCh-Gr_1936_edited-1Ch-Gr_1948_edited-1Ch-Gr_1954_edited-1Ch-Gr_1965_edited-1

I would never have survived without Erica! And these aren’t even any of the reception photos….of which there are a vast amount.

What a wonderfully happy day. It couldn’t have been anything else when you have a bride and groom who became engaged at The Happiest Place on Earth (Disney World if you didn’t catch that).

She even had Mickey Mouse on her shoes!!

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  1. Fabulous photos!
    The <3 behind the back's my favorite!!


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