Friday, May 1, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 20)

Man these weeks do fly by! How can it possibly be May 1st and Quick takes Friday all at once.

Having dinner with good friends is one of the great pleasures of life. We had dinner with Bill and Vicky last night and it was great. Dan and I had both been at the office all day (which is a long day for me) and we figured that we would spend a couple of hours at Bill and Vicky's house and then go home. Well, the first time I really looked at my watch we had already been there 3 hours! And then it was another hour before we walked out the door to drive home. The time just flew by but that is what happens when you are with people you really like.

OK, enough with the rain already. It makes for less than pleasant gardening and it makes the weeds grow faster and I think we should take a break from it for a few days. At least until I can get out and get the rest of the Spring clean up done. I just need about 48 hours to pull weeds and spray deer repellent. Ah the joys of Spring.

So, how concerned are you about Swine Flu? First let me say that if I was wishing to be "PC" about it I would be calling the the H1N1 flu so as not to offend the Pork Producers lobby or lead anyone to the erroneous thought that you can get this from pigs. But we all know that I try to avoid being PC at all costs to it is going to be Swine Flu for me. So, are you avoiding places with large crowds of people? Are you looking suspiciously at anyone who coughs or sneezes or who is glassy eyed with fever? Are you taking our beloved VP, Joe Biden's, advice and staying away from planes, buses and subways? ( Don't you just love when Biden opens his mouth and says these really stupid things that the White House then has to scramble to take care of). Or do you think that there isn't as much reason to panic as the main stream media would like us to believe.

Why are weddings so expensive? We have started talking with Meg about how much we can spend for this wedding and already my head hurts. And we have two more daughters in the pipeline. How about plane tickets to Las Vegas? That didn't fly so I guess it is traditional wedding.

Tonight we are going to another performance of "Beauty and the Beast" at my daughter's high school. Last Friday was opening night and it was fabulous! These kids spend months practicing and prepping and the end product was awesome. Of course, since we have a daughter in the production we might be a tad biased.

Well, the doctor has said that I can officially go off all supplemental iron. Yipee!!! With all the rain we have been having I was afraid that I was going to rust. Now if we can just get the hormone issues taken care of. It isn't that what she has prescribed me isn't working, it is that it is so expensive. $50 for 30 little pills!!! I don't think so. There is another drug that I can get that is generic and MUCH cheaper so that is what I am going to ask her to prescribe. Yikes!

My exercise mojo seems to have taken a holiday today. It is dreary and rainy outside and I really don't want to go and walk on the treadmill.....but I will....I guess. I would much rather walk outside but that might not be too comfortable considering the rain that is falling at the moment. Oh I so want to go back to bed right now, or read a book, or do some knitting. Anything but pounding out two miles in the neighborhood or in the basement. Sigh.

See you next week.


  1. Well, you have one daughter who doesn't want a big wedding. When I get married, it will probably be very short notice.

  2. That is what we have all figured. We will all be wearing tennis shoes and then we will go out to have dim sum afterwards.


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