Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am just thinkning

I am just thinking (which is ALWAYS a scary thought) that if I was a lawyer and the Obama administration wanted my help, or wanted to employ me for any reason, or even wanted my opinion on anything I would say NO as Andy McCarthy did recently. His arguments are well worth reading. It seems to me, in my small "housewifey" brain, that the lawyers from the Bush administration gave their opinions on things like the interrogation memos in good faith, because the administration that they worked for asked for that. Who wants to now work for an administration or government that will turn around and smear and threaten prosecute for people who gave their honest opinion just because the current administration doesn't agree.

I would run the other way if I was a lawyer and the Obama Administration came to me and asked if I would serve in the Justice Dept. Perhaps that is why there are still a tremendous number of vacancies in that dept. that need to be filled. Of course now I can't find the article that I just read detailing the number of vacancies. If I find it I will edit this post but just know that it is somewhere in the blogosphere. Would you want to work for someone that you couldn't trust to "have your back"? Someone who at some later point might hang you out to dry if it was politically expedient? No thanks.


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