Friday, May 22, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 22) The Graduation Addition

Well, I missed last week because I was in New York City to attend the graduation of the oldest progeny. She is now the proud (but poor) owner of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and Cartooning from the School of Visual Arts. Below are my "7 Quick Takes" pictures from that fun occasion.

This is an art school and so there was a great deal of "visual" stuff going on. Before the ceremonies kicked off the HUGE screen was full of pictures of graduating seniors. And then, as an introduction to each graduating group there was a video montage of interviews and completed senior works. Pretty interesting stuff. Trust me, it was WAAAAAAY better than the commencement speaker, biographer Robert Caro, who was there to flog his current book and get some digs in at George W. Bush. Thank goodness I had my knitting with me.

Trust my daughter and her good friends, Hanni and Kacie, to put their own "spin" on their excitement at actually graduating. They made sure that they were lined up together and then when all three had received their "diplomas" (actually just rolled up pieces of paper telling them that they had to pick up the pigskin later) they took a well deserved bow. Everyone loved it.

What better way to celebrate than with a good glass of wine (or in the case of the nieces a particularly fine glass of Coke) and some excellent food. BIL Bjorn grilled shrimp, salmon AND lamb and they were all excellent.

The nieces did an awe inspiring job decorating the graduation cake. I wasn't aware that you could put that much colored sugar and sprinkles on anything and not go straight into a diabetic coma.

Oh who will hire me? I need a job! I am a hard worker. I am VERY frugal (the kid could make a penny squeak). I meet my deadlines. Hire me QUICK!

This is the view from the terrace at my SIL's condo. I could live with this view let me tell you. There is an equally stunning view from the other side of the patio. If you turn a shade to the right from this picture it looks like you can reach out and touch the Chrysler Building.

The oldest progeny and I. I am the one with the gray hair just in case you were wondering. Ashley, we are so proud of you and all the work that you have put in over the last four years. You are an exceptional artist with your own unique "voice" and we can hardly wait to see what you do out in the big world.

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