Thursday, May 28, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 23)

Wow, I tell you that the days just fly by. How can it be that it is time for 7 Quick Takes Friday again!

I am adjusting to being back in the "working world" and it is really an adjustment I can tell you. I don't want it to seem like this is a bad thing, it isn't. It is just that I have been, for the last 6 years, at home and so re-entering the work world even just two days a week is different. I am used to a wide open schedule and now I have to take two days out of that.

Today I seem to be all out of words, having used up most of them in writing a speech that I am giving this morning. I will tell you tomorrow what it was all about but suffice it to say I am hoping that I can get through the thing without crying. Intriguing huh. Can't say more because it is sort of a surprise for someone. Chew on that. I am not afraid of getting up and speaking but only that my words will convey what I want them to. The hubby and youngest daughter (who is an expert at public speaking) have vetted the thing and tell me that it is good.

We have been riding the highs and lows of Cleveland Cavaliers basketball for the last few weeks. I am not a huge basketball fan, baseball is my game, but I have been watching and it has been painful at times. But the thing that is so funny is my dog's reaction to basketball, or any sports for that matter. We are a vocal family, which doesn't come as a surprise to those who know us. We yell at the TV when we are watching sporting events. At first we didn't notice how Max would react to this. But over the past couple of years we have seen the same pattern whenever any sporting event is on the TV. Max, who is not a nervous or frightened dog, becomes totally unnerved. He will quietly slink off to his crate or more likely he will come and sit beside me, look at me with anxiety and shiver every once in a while. It is pathetic. He finally made me so crazy last night that I just sent him off to bed. He went reluctantly but every once and a while would return to look at me with a pleading expression as if to say, "Please, can't you just turn that off or watch something less combative like 'The Housewives of New York City'?" Pathetic.

My future son-in-law leaves today for India for a 6 month internship with Wheaton College's HNGR program. God speed Josh. We are praying for you and we love you. Do what the Lord is leading you to do in touching the lives of others. We will see you in December.

Well, it has now rained for three days straight and I think that is enough for the moment. I love rain and if the weather were up to me I would arrange it thusly. I would have it be around 75F and sunny during the day, with lovely fluffy clouds. Then it would rain at night with the occasional thunderstorm. Then once a week or so we would have a full day of rain to enjoy. But, I am not in charge of the weather so........ But at least the ground will be wet now and that will make pulling weeds much easier so I guess I shouldn't complain....even though I am.

So what do you think about President Obama's pick of Sonya Sotomayor for the Supreme Court? I am still gathering my thoughts on this one, gathering info not that what I think matters to anyone in Washington D.C. Her personal story is compelling but a that doesn't mean that she is a good pick.

Usually I have my "7 Quick takes" all taken care of before the actual day that it needs to be posted because I don't like the feeling of working under a looming deadline. I leaned the hard way that I don't like this feeling. I was always the kid in school who remembered the night before the science project was due that I had told the teacher I was growing crystals. BELIEVE ME it is really hard to do a good science project when you are trying to figure out how to grow crystals, write the report and do the oral presentation all with only 12 hours notice. But here I am trying to get these done on a Friday morning. I never seem to learn.

See you next week.


  1. Debbie,
    Yay! for the Cavs & Yay! for Northeast Ohio!! Boo! for the rainy weather. So sick of it! Thankful for the great Memorial Day weekend we had, maybe this weekend will be nice too? I haven't checked the weather report yet.
    GO CAVS!!!

  2. About Sotomayor:

    Her story IS compelling, but I don't think we should choose SC justices based on an inspiring tale. Her involvement in La Raza, a very racist organization, concerns me greatly.

    It does seem that Obama has a hard time picking people - he usually goes through several before any one "sticks" (thinking of his Cabinet posts, ambassadors, etc.)

  3. @ Stephanie- I could hardly watch the game last night, I was so nervous! And, at least the rain isn't snow!

    @Milehimama- I agree that just because she has a compelling story doesn't mean that she is qualified for the SC. The more I read and hear the more concerned I become, not that I wasn't before.


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