Monday, April 27, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhh, it feels good to exercise again. My doc has given me permission to get out there and get my heart rate up but no "core" exercising yet. So this morning Max and I went for a two mile walk around the neighborhood and it was great.

I love to walk in the morning, the sun is just coming up over the trees and hits my eyes at just the right angle so I can't see that car coming down the street. Lovely. It is always good to remember your sunglasses when you walk in the morning.

The sound of the birdies is soothing, well it would be if I didn't have my ipod on and blasting music from my "Favorites" playlist. It is always a dilemma, do I walk without ipod taking in the sounds of nature. Or do I walk with ipod and get myself motivated to the tunes of Kansas, The Beatles, Brooks and Dunn, The Wicked soundtrack. I went for the ipod today because it was my first day out and I needed the musical incentive. When the 2008 election cycle was in full swing I would listen to my radio but it is hard to walk and yell at the commentator at the same time. And besides, the neighbors look at you funny when you are talking to yourself and waving your hands in the air.

Walking with Max is always an interesting experience. We have an invisible fence and Max rarely violates "the line". But he knows that when I put his choke collar on him and get the leash that it is TIME TO WALK,TIME TO WALK,TIME TO WALK!!! He is leaping down the driveway like a furry gazelle on uppers. Run down to his imaginary line, run back and jump around, run down to the line, run back and look at me like "Why is she taking so long!" Once he is hooked up to his leash then he knows that it is safe to walk across the line without getting "zapped". Of course, when Dan and I walk him together Dan likes to make a zapping noise just as the dog crosses the line.

Walking with Max is sort of like "visiting" in Victorian Days. You know the time when you stopped by peoples houses and left a calling card that was uniquely yours which meant that you had been there to say hello and if they wanted to stop by your house and leave a calling card that would be fine. You see, Max leaves a "calling pee" at various predetermined points. He sniffs to see who else has been there, leaves his contribution and then we move on. He stops at the Fisher's house to leave something for the Labradoodle, then it is on to the big rock at the corner, the sign post half way down the side street, the house on the corner where there are TWO dogs, the MacDonald's house and then home. You would think he would run out of "calling cards" but he never does.

So all in all the walk was great, my legs felt like jelly and if it is nice tomorrow we will do it all over again.


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