Thursday, April 23, 2009


I often times wish that I had the level of enthusiasm for every day tasks that my dog has for the things in his life. What ever he does during the day, even if it is the same thing that he did yesterday, and lets admit his schedule doesn't change too much from day to day, he is so excited about it.

Now my dog has an internal schedule that doesn't vary from day to day. He has the most reliable internal clock that I am surprised the people who keep the time in Greenwich don't come calling just to make sure that their clocks are right. His schedule is as follow:

1.Get up at 5:45a
2.go to greet person sitting a computer (me)
3. go out, do business, bark at things in the woods thereby announcing to other dogs in neighborhood that I am ready for conversation
4. come in, have treat, try to convince my person that I should be fed before the stated time
5. eat delicious sawdust/meat parts nuggets in warm water
5. go out again, do more business, sniff last business, bark at bus
7. spend day sleeping, looking out windows, barking, going in and out, MAIL!
8. try to convince my person to feed me again before the stated time
9. eat delicious sawdust/meat parts nuggets in warm water, go out and do business, bark to other dogs in neighborhood that I am out doing my business.
10. wait until owner is done eating even more delicious things at the table then bring toy over to play
12. Sleep on floor by my person. Put myself to bed at 9p.

That is Max's schedule and it never varies. You would think he would get bored or depressed with that sameness. But that is so not the case. For him every day is new and his excitement level at doing the same things is through the roof. Going to get the paper is done at peak level of excitement as if he has never done this before and has been waiting just for this moment and that he might expire from the excitement. The same thing happens when we go down to get the mail or when it is time to play with his toys or throw sticks. When we mention squirrels or chipmunks or deer he is all, "WHAT! THERE ARE SQUIRRELS ON THE DECK!!! I MUST TRY TO CATCH ONE!!!! LET ME OUT!!!!!"

Can you imagine what life would be like if we all reacted the same way about the mudane things of life? VACUUMING!!!! I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!! LAUNDRY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!! I cannot say that I look at cleaning or laundry with the enthusiasm that my dog does when he is going to get the paper or the mail. Perhaps life would be just a bit simpler if we did.


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