Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 19)

Without further ado here are my quick take thoughts for the week.

Do you have a dog living in your house? And if so, do you ever wonder what that dog is saying to the other dogs in the neighborhood when he stands outside and barks into the air? There is always some dog barking in the neighborhood. The next door neighbor has a big lab, the neighbor across the cul de sac has three dogs. There is always barking. But Max doesn't always react to what is being "said". I can tell he notes it because his ears perk up but he doesn't get up from his prone position and want to go out. But then there will be barking that gets him up immediately so he can go out and bark too. What are they saying to each other? Are they communicating some amazing truth or are they just telling each other what they had for breakfast?

How can it be that I have a daughter graduating from college in a month. Where did the time go. Now if she can just find the correct job and a place to live. Do any of you need to hire a newly minted college graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cartooning? Just let me know.

This is one of the saddest poems I think I have ever read and I have a feeling that this is the sentiment of many people even if they can't express it that way.

I've been avoiding my illness
because I am afraid.

I will die and when I do
I 'll end up alone again.

Jason Shinder 1955-2009

When I read something like this I am so thankful that I KNOW where I will be when the Lord takes me home and I KNOW who I will be with.

As I am writing out my Quick Takes this morning a passing thunder shower is making it's way over my house. For some reason that is one of the things that makes me absolutely shiver with joy, a thunderstorm early in the morning or anytime of the day for that matter. Yes, I know that is strange but no one said that I don't march to the beat of a different drummer. I love sunshine and warm days, don't get me wrong. But I also absolutely LOVE the occasional day where it rains and thunders and lightenings all day long. It is such a cozy feeling. I just want to put my feet up with a good book and some knitting and enjoy the day.

I heard a startling statistic today while standing in the shower, that the US and Russia each have 20,000 nuclear warheads, A PIECE. But that they are in talks to cut that down to 500 warheads a piece. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for nuclear weaponry, except for Iran and North Korea of course. But, um, that just seems like way more than you need to do the job don't you think? Heck 500 warheads seems like more than you need. You couldn't have all those loaded and ready to go and if you started in on a nuclear war everything would be destroyed long before you could reload I am thinking.

I was struck this week by a question that I read somewhere. The question was, "Do you lead an intentional life?" I am sure that once I have this fleshed out in my own mind that it will be the subject of a longer post but I am still mulling it over in my mind. What is an "intentional life"? Do I lead one? Do I want to lead one? Should I lead one? Any thoughts.

Tonight is opening night for my daughter's last musical production at her high school. Where has the time gone!?! They will be doing "Beauty and the Beast" this year and she says that the dress rehearsals have been "magical" so I am pumped. PLUS, I get to put my new camera through it's paces. That alone makes things exciting because this is the beauty that arrived at my door step the day before my surgery. It is lovely!!! So, we will go tonight and watch all the kids that have become so dear to us over the years put on this porduction. I am sure that I will have plenty of pictures to put up next week so check back later. Break a leg Beth!!!

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  1. #6... It kind of depends on what you mean by "intentional". If you mean taking more control over your life to make sure you get out of it what you want - then I think you are going to eventually run into the fact that God is in control, not us. For me, what I want is to not let my life slide by without noticing. I want to see what is going on in my life, to ponder the meaning of what happens, and to respond to it with thoughtfulness and from the heart, as God leads me. Instead of, you know, just reacting automatically according to the path of least resistance, the way I am naturally inclined to do. By that definition of an "intentional life", I would say that praying this way each night has helped me. (Didn't one of the Greek philosophers say an unexamined life is not worth living? I find the Ignatian Examen to be one of the most helpful formats for examining my life.)

    God bless,


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