Wednesday, June 1, 2016

An 80th Birthday Deserves a Party

Today is Parental Unit Mimi's birthday. And a momentous birthday it is. It is her 80th. On this day in 1936, Lucile Hoefflin Pringle and Glenn Lauren Pringle welcomed their first child, a daughter.  An 80th birthday deserves a party. Months ago Pilot Man, The Chef, HHBL and I started planning. There were invitations to be sent, through the mail, through the Internet, fliers in mailboxes. We covered all the bases. Food was ordered. Wine was bought. 
She looks pretty darn good for starting on her fifth score of years. 
We filled her condo with friends and neighbors. We all drank slush punch...and some of us might have added some red wine to that slush punch. I am not naming names on this but I can tell you that Sluch Punch with red wine added is pretty fine indeed.
Cartoon Girl might even have been there for the festivities. I am beat. It was a pretty great party.


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