Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Oh No" Is Not What You Want To Hear

Email. The bane of our technology obsessed world.
We all have emails. Many of us have multiple email addresses. I do and I am sure you do too. Right?


At last count I have 6 email addresses. Well, 5 really since the Yahoo email address has pretty much been abandoned like an orphan step-child. But that means that I STILL have 4 other active email accounts. There is the personal one, there is the gmail one, there is the photography business one, and there are 2 work emails. That is 5right? So, the work emails has always been on Exchange. I love Exchange. I delete an email on my work computer or my phone and it is deleted everywhere. No need for double work. Double work which, with the way my other emails were set up was a constant thing. Most of the time I keep up with my personal email on my phone or iPad. I am out of the house three days or more a week and I often don't have time to turn on my desk top and clean out emails. That is a job for Saturday, if I get to it. Consequently I have often felt like I was doing double duty with emails. Exchange will clear all of that up.

By the way, a word on Exchange. When I started working for HHBL I was assigned 2 work emails. I set them up on phone and iPad and work laptop and was ready to go. I checked email on my phone and deleted things there that I knew I would need but figured that they would just be on my computer where I wanted them. I mean, that is the way that all of my other emails work so that must be the way this email works. If you are reading this and you use Exchange you know where I am going with this.

No one explained to me that Exchange integrates all the devices and when you delete an email on one.....it goes away on all. I can tell you that it wasn't a long time before I figured that out but it was a really unhappy few moments when I went looking for an important email and it was no longer there. Thank goodness I am not overly obsessive about cleaning out my Deleted folder. 

Now back to our blather.

The only emails that we had on Exchange were the work ones, until this weekend that is. I am not going to give you all of the explanations about why we were moving emails from a "Pop!" system to Exchange. I am not even sure that I just described it correctly. HHBL explained it to me but.....lets just say that GoDaddy doesn't want to play with "Pop!" anymore and likes Office 365 much better and so we switched.

Oh these teenage internet romances!

Anywho, HHBL switched his various emails over and then it was my turn.

Emails were switched over to Exchange on the GoDaddy site. Am I getting this right? Who knows. It sounds about right. All I know is that once that happened I no longer could get emails on my computer in the basement or my phone or iPad because they were set up for the whole "POP!" thing. But HHBL confirmed that the emails were there if we looked on the website so it was obvious that the conversion had taken place. Then it was on to the next thing. 

Make sure that all of the emails that I currently had in Outlook were backed up somewhere. We won't talk about how many emails that REALLY is until later. Check!

Make sure that my inbox is empty. Check!

Push, pull, click, click...........

And the wheels just came right off the old switcheroo bus.

Is there anything more annoying and crazy producing than watching that little annoying wheel thing spin round and round and round, telling you that it is working and working and working and then....Ding! Up comes a dialog box telling you that, nope, not going to work. I tried not to hover over the process, or ask too many questions, or make suggestions that would have no basis in fact or knowledge. I just sat on the stairs and waited to be called. A call to GoDaddy produced the results that my Outlook was a version(2007) that wasn't even supported any longer. It has been kicked to the curb, given a few dollars and told to find another home. AND, of course, there was no way to upgrade to 2010. SO it was to the 2016 version of Outlook that we turned. Downloaded that and got things going.

Or not, as the case may be. Oh the new version of Outlook was hot to trot, waiting for emails. It was just that nothing was working. No emails. Just dialog boxes that gave unhappy news. It might as well have been a foreign language for all I could decipher what it was saying. Thank goodness for HHBL, my hunky IT guy. More typing and clicking ensued. And then I heard a phrase that strikes fear into the heart of anyone who is trying to do something on the computer.

Sharp inhalation of breath. Head in hands as he looks at the screen and softly says, "Oh no."

Oh no what??? What do you mean by, "Oh No?" Perhaps Oh No I forgot to send that email? Or, Oh no she cooked liver for dinner. Or, Oh No the Browns have decided to keep Johnny Manziel. Oh no WHAT?????

I come from a medical background where the words "Oh no" are followed by phrases like, "Call a code." Or, "hand me that clamp." Or, "retract this so that I can get at that bleeder."

Oh no is not a good phrase.

In a nutshell, the new Outlook, which was by then getting fresh emails (which was good), didn't know where to find all of my old emails (which was very bad.) I have a lot of saved emails. I mean, you never know when you might need the email from our Real Estate agent from the FIRST time that we tried to sell OCK, ummmmmmmm, sometime around 2011. OK, so I probably should have cleaned those emails out. But it was the emails from family and friends and my dad that meant a bit more to me. And there are all those emails that deal with the Wedding Coordinator things that are going on this year. And all of the Blog Comment emails.

Oh no was not good.

Another phone call to GoDaddy ensued. And by the way folks, it was now almost 8:30p on a Sunday night and HHBL had been dealing with this little issue for 3+ hours. Did I tell you that he is the most wonderful and fabulous and hunky IT guy in the world?

And hunky.
During all of this I just sat on the stairs and tried not to jump up and look over his shoulder. I read, or tried to. I spent some time doing what I always do when I am nervous or upset, I cleaned and straightened stuff. A LOT of things got straightened.

By 9p it looked like most, but not all of the issues had been worked out, at least to the point that Outlook had located the old emails and was displaying new emails and I heaved a sigh of relief, and resignation that my task on Tuesday, that would be today, is to go through ALL of the old emails and maybe delete some of them and move the emails that I need to keep over to Exchange.

Hi, I'm Debbie and I am an email hoarder.
Did I tell you that I love HHBL very much and that he is a hunky steely eyed IT guy.

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