Saturday, January 30, 2016

All I Wanted To Do Was Write A Blog Post

Really, that is all that I wanted to do. I wanted to write a blog post. Google, why did you have to make everything so COMPLICATED!!

Let me backtrack for a moment and give an explanation of my life, or parts of it.

I hold a number of jobs, one of which is as the Executive Assistant at a local software company. That means that I wear a boat load of hats. They still refuse to call me "She Who Must Be Obeyed" but I am working on that. One of the hats is that I am in charge of social media. We ALL know how much I love social media. I would do that all day. As a part of setting up one of the social media streams that we are using, I grabbed a gmail account that dovetailed with the name of the company and what we do.

That was my first mistake.

The fact that Google wants to integrate all aspects of your life and your blogs and your email is great....until it isn't. The minute that I grabbed that other email address Google automatically thinks that it can read my mind. It thinks that I want THAT email, the email that isn't really going to be used but must be preserved so that someone else doesn't grab it and cause confusion for us down the road, to be my main email.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOSH! It automatically assigns THAT email as the admin on all of my blogs (there might be more than one that lies dormant for the moment) and it takes my main gmail address OFF of the blogs as either an author OR administrator, thereby rendering me wordless on my own blog unless I want to sign in with the work email.

I do not want to sign in with the work email. It isn't used for anything and it is a WORK email. Work emails and personal emails do not mix. Someone should have made sure Hillary Clinton understood that little maxim.

SO, I go to write a blog post this morning and....I can't because Blogger (which is conveniently owned by Google) tells me that I do not have any blogs that are assigned to my gmail account.

I might have just sat there for a moment, scratching my head and wondering where my blogs went. Trying not to panic. Trying really really hard.

I signed out of my gmail. I signed out of my work gmail. I signed back into my gmail, thinking that would solve the problem because that is what you are SUPPOSED to do to let Google know which email you want to be the default email.

REALLY GOOGLE?!? Can't we just have a setting that does that?

But signing out and signing back in does not fix the problem. It still tells me that I have no blogs at all, which is rather upsetting when you think about the 1700+ blog posts that I have written over the life of this little place of internet coziness. 

I might have then said a bad word that I will not write here but that has four letters and was uttered with enough force and loudness that HHBL heard me....two floors above.

Moving on.

I collected myself, took another sip of coffee and consulted the Internetz, where a link took me to YouTube, the place that has saved my bacon more than any other, where a little 41 second video showed me what to do. That was the shortest part of the entire episode.

This is what I had to do for THREE different blogs.

Sign into unloved work email. Go to where they tell you what blogs you own. Go to blog you want. Scroll to settings. Open up settings. Find place where you can add someone to that blog. Send an invitation. Sign out of work gmail. Sign into loved gmail. Check email. Accept invitation to the blog THAT I ALREADY OWN, making sure that it is accepting in the name of the correct gmail. Sign out of loved gmail. Sign back into work gmail. Go to blog. Go to settings. Give loved gmail blog administrative powers. Repeat as many times as you have blogs. THEN, when you are all done and you are sure that you have administrative authority over the blogs THAT YOU ALREADY OWNED, you sign in with the loved email, go to each blog individually, go to the settings, delete the work email as an administrator and just pray that nothing gets screwed up.

I don't even remember what I was originally going to blog about today. It is an hour later in my day and I haven't even GOTTEN to what I was originally signing into my blog for, which was to write the blog post and to start on a spreadsheet that will tell me all of the blog posts that I have written, when I wrote them and what they referenced. I am tired of trying to figure out when I wrote something if I want to refer to it again.


And I haven't even had a shower yet today.

Gretchen, this still doesn't beat your turkey story from yesterday, but it was the best I can do at the moment.

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  1. This is scary. Glad your heart didn't stop. Do they want to make it so hard we change nothing? Yeah for your success!


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