Friday, May 15, 2015

Beauty....and Stupidity

So, you might have guessed that we have been visiting Arizona. Ah, I sigh in contentment. If the progeny weren't all situated east of the Mississippi we might move here in a heart beat.

And just off topic for a moment. How many of you do what I just did when I was spelling Mississippi. I sing it out loud when I spell it...Miss-iss-ipp-i. Don't lie, you know you do.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blather.

HHBL and I spent Wednesday at The Grand Canyon, hiking the South Rim Trail. I did 8+ miles, HHBL did a bit over 12 miles (I got on the park bus and road the last 4 miles in comfort and ease). The last time we were at the Grand Canyon we had all the progeny with us and even though they would have been old enough to hike a bit....they were whiners and didn't want to hike less than cooperative in the hiking department. So we just walked a bit, looked at the scenery and got back in the car.

Not so this time. And I will say that if the progeny were with us today they would gladly hike the trail. I mean, who wouldn't want to hike along and see this.....

Truely spectacular views everywhere you looked. This was taken with my trusty iPhone. I can hardly wait to get home and play with the photos in Big Bertha. Most of the Rim Trail is paved, except for several miles that look like this.....

Of course, this is where I slipped and fell. I was actually thinking, right about the time I hit the loose gravel, about the time that I took a fall walking in the back country in Rwanda, far from any reasonable health care. Just as that incident came up in my mind....I went down. Nothing hurt permenantly except for a rip in the knee of my jeans....and perhaps a bit of my pride.....although I don't think anyone but HHBL actually saw me do my huli maka huli (look it up).

While hiking the rim trail I became obsessed with documenting the idiots who think they won't be the ones to go over the cliff as they are taking a picture right at the edge. I am keeping all of these photos in my "To Stupid to Live" file. I have about 6 pictures of this behavior (I could have taken a WHOLE lot more) and I still shake my head at it.

Just looking at these photos gives me the willies. The photo cannot be THAT important that you can't take it from 15 feet further back. These kind of people are the reason that these signs have had to be posted....

But other than that it was a spectacular day to be at the Grand Canyon, especially in light of what we woke up to this morning......

Yes, my snowmagnetic personality is at work again. Sigh.

Hense the reason we are actually changing our plans and going to Phoenix today instead of tomorrow. Phonenix zoo here we come.


  1. I'm not sure which was more frightening to see, the idiots on the edge or the snow! The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list...someday I'll walk where you walked and probably fall too. :)

  2. that picture of the gal on her back with her knees up at the edge----made my stomach flip! and it was just in the news today that a woman in NC died in a park just from slipping and falling off a cliff while taking pictures. yes indeed it happens. I bet your photos are stunning.

  3. Capital M, i, crooked letter, crooked letter, i, crooked letter, crooked letter, i, hump back, hump back, i



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