Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Joyous Family Time

Ummmm, yeah. These are the hills outside of Sedona. One of the most beautiful places you will find anywhere.

Have I told you before that I love Arizona with a fierce love. Fierce. Love.

But why are we in Sedona you are asking yourself. Is it for the votex and tingling hands perhaps? Is it to realign our chakras?


Let's talk weddings. Let's talk about one wedding. The wedding of the favoritest niece a girl could ever have. The daughter of Pilot Man and The Chef. We gathered in Sedona over the weekend to witness the nuptials of Arin and her fiance Chris, who I think I might have to call Sequoia because he is as tall as one.

No really, he is tall.

This is Sequoia and The Chef. Tall.

Where was I?

We partied on Saturday night at the home of some friends of the groom, the house that is right next door to the home that Sequoia's parents are building outside of Sedona. That picture up there? The one I stared with? That will be the view from their bedroom. It might make getting up in the morning just a bit better.

And that was the view that we had as Arin walked down the aisle. I mean, there are no words.

Me, My Momma, My Sister of the Heart (The Chef). I lurve them. We are all smiling because it was actually warm and sunny. And I had on a top that I knit myself. Warm yet airy.

Owen & Moley provided the music for the party the night before and the ceremony itself. They were fabulous. And they were funny as well.

And then the moment came when FN (Favorite Niece) walked down the aisle on the arm of Pilot Man. There were no words for how beautiful and radiant she was.

And the dress. Oh my gosh the dress!! Lace and a train and the veil flowing behind. Just beautiful. They were married in the grove of maples that the father of the groom planted specifically for the ceremony.

We might just have had the most awesome and excellent time.

Welcome to the family Sequoia! We aren't as crazy as we general...most of the time.





  1. Congratulations to FN, Sequoia and all other involved! The dress (and bride) are absolutely stunning. The view is too, but it pales in comparison.

  2. Love how your lacy top turned out!! Looks fab on you!! And what a gorgeous bride! I adore her wedding dress!


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