Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Caught In the Act


I will be honest. This poor little icicle is no more. It came tumbling down off the roof several days ago and laid in a broken and melting heap for several days before the weather finally warmed up a bit.

I was not sorry to see him go.

But before he met his horrible, icy demise I spent some time leaning out of my bedroom window taking pictures of the drips. I hadn’t been planning on opening my window and leaning out, camera to eye, to take pictures. It is just that as I was standing there folding laundry I saw the drip form at the end of the icicle and then throw itself into space. I watched again and ran to get Big Bertha. There was some frustration at first because, no matter how hard you try, you are NOT going to be able to hit the shutter at just the right time to get the drip in just the right place. I almost gave up. But I don’t like to give up on things. It makes me angry to throw in the towel.

And then I remember.

I paid a great deal for a camera body that is supposed to help me do these kinds of things if I would only use it correctly.

Insert dope slap here.

Photos like this are what the Continuous shooting mode are for. I am not a huge fan of that mode, if I am being super honest here. It just means that I have to go through a lot of photos just to find one that I really like. But I am willing to use it when need be, like when I am taking photos of Cheetahs.

Fleet of Feet

I was just happy to have the cheetah relatively in focus. You should SEE the photos that my fellow PhotoSib, Erica, takes. Oh my ever lovin’ heck they are good! But then, she takes a lot of photos of Cheetahs. It might have something to do with that Masters Degree in Cheetah Conservation that she has almost completed.

Or perhaps it is just that she likes Cheetahs a whole bunch.

The ever popular wedding blowing of the dandelion. Not possible to accomplish without Continuous mode.


Just as an aside, I coordinated a wedding this past summer where there the photographer (who had never shot a wedding before and yes I know we all have to start somewhere) had her camera set on Continuous shooting mode for the entire wedding. All I could think was…too many photos to go through.

But I digress.

Even with Big Bertha set on Continuous it wasn’t as easy as you think to freeze the drip “in the act”. Thank goodness my neighbors, who already think I am a bit odd when I lay down on my driveway to get just the right angle for the leaf shot, could see me cackling with glee when I realized that I had done it.

It doesn’t take all that much to make me happy evidently.


  1. That is an incredible (and beautiful) icicle photograph! You deserve to cackle with glee and I'm glad the icicles are melting, melting away.

  2. Awesome shot! I'm a beginning my journey into photography and sometimes I get shots I don't expect....just beginner's luck I think. I've not tried the continuous shooting, though my neighbors have seen me laying on the ground looking up into the trees... It's so much fun to see things from a different perspective. Thank goodness for digital cameras!


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