Thursday, March 26, 2015

Deep Sushi Mourning

Back in the far distant past, well OK really just Christmas of 2013, HHBL and I spent the holiday in the Big Apple. We hung with HHBL’s sister. We hung with Cartoon Girl. In fact, we managed to talk Cartoon Girl into spending an entire day with us doing all the touristy things that she abhors.

HHBL and I are the ultimate in touristy…..especially if it makes Cartoon Girl roll her eyes in disgust. You know my motto, “Live long enough to be a gigantic bother to your children.” As part of our carrot at the end of the stick for her doing touristy things with us, we consented to go to Cartoon Girl’s favorite sushi place, Sushi Park. It is….or should I say was… unassuming little first floor restaurant. There are so many of those in NYC, places that are unassuming from the outside but serve pretty darn good food.

2013-12-24 13.11.04

I don’t remember what this actually was, I just remember that it was pretty darn delicious. That is saying something because I am still on the fence about sushi.

This afternoon I got a text message from Cartoon Girl telling me about a huge explosion at a building in NYC and the collapse of said building. Lots of fire, multiple injuries.

You guessed it.

Sushi Park_edited-1

Sushi Park is no more. We are praying for those who were injured and for the business owners who have lost their livelihood and for those who have lost their place to live and all they possessed.

And Cartoon Girl is mourning her favorite restaurant.


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