Saturday, March 28, 2015

Do As I Say and Not As I Have Done

Because I do not have anything else to do I have decided to rename all of the folders on my hard drive where the photos reside.

ALL of the folders.

That would be around 100 folders and all the sub folders that reside under them.

I thought that I was being SOOOOOOOO organized with my folder system. And I was, I really was. It isn’t that the folder system is all discomboobulated. It is just that sometimes when I was putting pictures in a sub-folder, I might give that sub-folder a general sort of name like “Christmas”. That generically named sub-folder could be found in the master folder named “2012”….but it still had a generic name that was the same as “Christmas” in the “2005” folder. And then there might also be a sub-folder in “Christmas” that was “RAW”. All this works perfectly well if you are just looking at the photos in the explorer mode on your computer. But when you decide that you are finally going to seriously begin to learn and use your Lightroom 5 software that you purchased…….well we won’t talk about how long ago……Lightroom doesn’t really like that way of naming your folders and sub-folders. Oh, it will let you do it that way.But it frowns at you when you do it. And then it gets confused as to what you want to do with all of these foggily named folders.

I am actually loving the way that Lightroom keeps track of photos on your hard disk and your external drives. But I want everything to work just like I want it to. And it wasn’t. It took me time and effort and reading Scott Kelby’s book (my Lightroom guru) and watching YouTube videos before the light dawned on me. I am slow but I get there eventually.

So besides the fact that I am trying to knit a sweater to wear at the Niece’s wedding…coming up in 7 weeks…and I might possibly want to knit something else too. And the fact that I have office work and Hidden Moments work and house work to do.

I am renaming all the folders.

Take this as a lesson kiddos. Be VERY specific when you put your photos in folders. You will be very glad you did later when you don’t have 50 folders all named “RAW”.

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  1. Dang, I hear you, Deb. I have the same issues, especially when I'm under the gun in other parts of my life. I certainly don't understand why we do stuff like that to ourselves, but I'm sure you can handle it! What sweater are you making?


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