Friday, February 6, 2015

Vital Viands of Vacationosity

I am using a new blogging platform for the iPad. We will see how it goes.

Blather that makes all things sunny and bright.


This is Taco Nacho Chimichanga. Well really his name is just Nacho but I call him Taco Nacho Chimichanga. He belongs to Dapoo and Linda, the in-laws. You can't tell from this picture but he is about the size of a rabbit. A combination of Chihuahua and Miniature Italian Greyhound and the complete master of his domain.

I think I can manage to get him in my suitcase. I am sure they won't miss him.........

And speaking of dogs, as we were you know. Dogs on an airplane can make me just absolutely crazy. I don't care if your child is screaming. Well, I shouldn't say that I don't care, what I really mean is that it doesn't bother me. I know that you wish that your child would be quiet and I know that you are doing your best to manage that so I just tune it out. Now if you are letting your child run up and down the aisles like an unattended maniac then I might just say something.

But if you have a small little yippy dog, make that TWO small little yippy dogs that you have stowed under the seat in front of you.....please give them EACH a doggy valium so they sleep through the 4.5 hour flight and do not yip at 20 second intervals.

My right eye was twitching severely when I got off the plane.

We are visiting the inlaws.

As you can see I am working very hard. It is tough, all that sunshine and 80F weather. I AM actually doing some work but only in the morning.

The rest of the day might just look like the picture above.

The problem when visiting the in-laws is the availability of snacks.

And by that I mean that the aforementioned snacks are much much much too available for me to put them in my ever open mouth.

Tortilla chips? Check!

Those completely addicting little rice crackers from Trader Joe's? Multiple packages.

Big Bag of popcorn? Yup.

If I am not careful and make sure that I take a walk every day I am going to weight the same as a baby elephant and Southwest Airlines will rightly ask me to buy a second seat on the plane.

Occasionally, actually fairly often, I blog from my iPad. The iPad is always with me and the big computer is in my work area in the basement. For all the time that I have had an iPad I have used an app called "Blogsy" to do my blogging from the iPad.

Blogsy I have never liked you! You are buggy and hard to use on occasion and just down right temper tantrumy. We must break up.

I actually became so frustrated with Blogsy today when it told me that I couldn't embed a picture from MY OWN PHOTOSTREAM because I didn't own the rights to the photo........that I paid money for a new blogging app.

We will see how it goes.

HHBL can tell you that I love rain. I love rainy days.

But for some inexplicable reason I absolutely adore the desert. When we get off the plane in Phoenix and get in the car for the drive to Tucson, after we exit the sprawl of the city, I heave a gigantic sigh of relief and pleasure as I see the desert landscape go by.

I do not understand why this is but it is.

Can someone explain it to me?

Instagram - because nothing says obsession like a boat load of useless pictures.

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  1. I can so relate to #6. I LOVE rainy days, stormy days.....I feel energized. But I also love the flat (would you call that desert? I'm thinking Texas). I actually live in Colorado Springs, beautiful views of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains but still, the flat, being able to see lights at night that are 60 miles away, is awesome!


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