Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Folks it is cold. This morning, when I went out to walk Max the Magnificent it was……

Wait for it……..

This cold……
2015-02-20 06.01.40

16F, all by itself, is colder than I normally like to see it. And I live in a place where that is the norm in the winter time. But when you put a minus before that 16 then it is what we lovingly call “freezing my nose hairs” kind of cold. You can bet your bottom dollar that Max the Magnificent was speedy quick with his morning necessities. It is really easy to pick up the morning doggy deposit when it flash freezes before you can get to it.

Too much information?

But you know what is good about these sorts of temperatures?


2_20_2015 Fractals_b

If you time it just right and keep the shades in the living room pulled down until after the sun comes up the fractals are preserved for recording with Big Bertha. We won’t talk about me running around this morning gathering camera and tripod to take a picture or two. The thing is, fractals are sensitive things. The minute that I raise the shades the heat from the room starts to work. You have maybe 10 minutes max before the above picture starts to look like this……

2_20_2015 Fractals_a

The fractals just start melting away.

There has to be SOMETHING good about –16F weather. I will take the fractals.

And the 100mm macro lens that makes watching them so fun.


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