Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Picture Crypt Releases the Craken–Beware


Oh look what I found! Don’t we all look SO happy to be…..wherever this might be. I think that the picture was taken in the fellowship hall of the church that we used to attend. I am guessing, and this is only a guess mind you, that this was the Mother/Daughter dinner where I managed to set the basket of rolls on fire.

Never a dull moment with me is there. Yes, I set the basket of rolls on fire. There were these lovely little tea lights set all around the lovely centerpieces. The basket of rolls had lovely paper napkins in them to make the lovely rolls look lovely in the baskets. The lovely napkins hung just a bit over the edges of the basket…..and as I was passing the lovely rolls in the lovely plastic basket around the lovely table I paused, just a bit too long, over one of the lovely tea candles….

You know that moment in a disaster when you know something isn’t right but your brain doesn’t really want to admit that the basket of rolls is on fire in the middle of a room full of women and their daughters…….

Yeah, I had one of those moments.

Oh look, I think the basket of rolls is on fire. Hmmmmmm.

Should I just run into the kitchen with the flaming basket of rolls? Probably not.

Should I stop, drop and roll? Probably not.

Ah….a glass of water. That should do it.

I grab a glass of water and douse the fire….

And the rolls….

And the slightly melted basket…..

And the table setting….

And the table…..

And possibly my dress just a bit.

Good times were had by all.

But not rolls.


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