Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your Humor for the Day

Many years ago in a Christian bookstore far, far away......

OK so that sounds suspiciously like something from a movie, so shoot me. Actually it was many years ago we were browsing in the local Christian book store, a typical Saturday pastime. We meandered to the back of the store where the kids department was and there on the TV was this odd video. There were strange looking vegetables singing about Daniel and the Lion's Den. What was this thing that almost immediately had the girls mesmerized? Why, it was "Veggie Tales". Who couldn't love a video that had Spring Onions (King Darius' advisors) singing about how they had to get rid of Daniel. We.Were.Hooked. We walked out of the store that day with the two videos that were available and we practically wore those things out.

So to provide a little humor for your day, here are my favorite "Silly Songs With Larry" (the singing cucumber).


  1. Ah, yes. We have watched many, many hours of Veggie Tales since BB has been in his body cast. What I once ridiculed in youth group has become a staple in my life...
    I tend to prefer the older Veggie Tales. The newer tales can sometimes veer too much from the original story, IMHO.

  2. I would agree with you that the older Veggie Tales are better.

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