Friday, March 27, 2009

7 quick Takes (Vol 16)

It's Friday, it's Friday! I still have a boat load of things to do today but there is always time for 7 Quick Takes. Remember to click on the picture above to see what everyone else is doing. And now, without further ado or dithering.........

Do you listen to the conversations around you when you are sitting someplace, like say the doctor's office or the hospital. I do and I can tell you I hear some really strange conversations. I was waiting to take some pre-op testing this week and the two people sitting next to me were talking about a third friend who had recently died and how they would like to "go" like this person did. Then there was the comprehensive conversation that I was caught in the middle of in the doctor's office this afternoon. I happen to be sitting between two women who were both enormously pregnant and were discussing due dates (that is normal) and how the one woman was still able to get her feet into her high heeled boots and then they moved on to how they were both on their second marriages and these were the first children of their second husbands and...... well you get the picture. I just sat and knitted and smiled. I didn't think it was the time or place to pipe up in the conversation, "That's really nice! I am having a total hysterectomy on Tuesday." That might be a conversation stopper don't you think.

I am having a hysterectomy on Tuesday. Just thought that I would throw that little tid bit of info out there into the blogosphere. There will be a longer post on this come Monday but I just thought I would share the joy now. Who knew that you could be so excited about major abdominal surgery.

The deer triplets that we have hanging around in our woods have been "kicked out of the nest" by momma. They are two years old and that is about right for this next stage in their lives but they just look so forlorn that I felt bad for them today.....for about 5 seconds. Momma deer must be getting ready to have another litter and the older ones need to be out on their own. We have a ton of deer in our woods, I may have mentioned my dislike for those rats with hooves, but we have one female in particular who seems to have the ability to always have twins or triplets. We have lived in this house for 9 years and in that time I believe she has had at least two sets of triplets and the rest of the time I see her with twin fawns. Is one baby at a time not enough for her? Must she be the "octomom" of the deer world? Sigh.

Does anyone you know "twitter"? OK, I don't want to offend anyone who loves Twitter and getting and following "tweets" but I just have to say this. Most of the time I don't even want to know what I am doing moment by moment so why would anyone else want to know this. Yes, I know that blogging in and of itself is rather narcissistic, I mean really who cares what I think about oh say the AIG bonuses (they should have been PAID those retention bonuses) or what I am doing with my reading time (not reading nearly as much as I would like). But the minute by minute sort of thing that is Twitter is just too much for me. I just don't have the time or energy to think about it. What do you think?

This is currently one of my favorite blogs, Barak Obama's Teleprompter's Blog. I don't know who writes this thing but it really is funny.

I think perhaps I should explain this post from Monday.
Why am I holding this strange and rather awful wall hanging? And why would my mother care that I have found where she hid it and have returned it to her? Well you see......around 10 years ago at one of our family White Elephant gift exchanges this was the gift that was contributed by my Aunt Sue. She had reluctantly brought it back from the Philippines (it being a last minute gift given to them as they were about to get on the plane) and was grateful to be able to pawn it off, I mean give it away to one of us. My Aunt Kathy was the lucky recipient and she decided that instead of actually taking it home she would hide it at my mother's house. Nice. My mother discovered it eventually and decided that she should bring it out to me and hide it in MY house. I eventually found it, after she informed me that I actually had it, and hid it in her house. You see how this nefarious pattern was established. So now she has it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I am going to have to take at least 6 weeks off from any working out at Curves and I am none too happy about it. The doctor says that 6 weeks must be taken off to make sure everything is healed up after the surgery, that is just the way it is. I can walk when I feel up to it which is good but it isn't the workout that I get at Curves. The hubby and I were laughing about this last night because two years ago the thought of me being upset about not being able to work out would just not have been something that came out of my mouth. I didn't work out then, I didn't think it was necessary, I was under the delusion that I wasn't THAT overweight and that I was maintaining. I was VERY wrong.

I have to give credit to my oldest daughter for getting me off my big, fat bahookie and going to Curves. She had joined in NYC and urged me to do the same. Thanks Ashley!! Over the past two years my weight loss hasn't been tremendous, only about 15 pounds, but I have lost inches and gained strength and a desire to work out days a week. I will take it.

By for now. I MAY be here next week depending on how I feel come Friday.


  1. Prayers to you with the major abdominable surgery. :) Believe me, you'll want your full six weeks. After three C-sections, I'm practiced on this one. :) It took me about 3 days to be up to walking--at all--after the surgeries. Two weeks to manage a flight of stairs without having to rest at the top and to get off the major league pain killers (the kind where the pharmacy calls your doctor and double checks to make sure your prescription is legit). It really is at least six weeks before doing any serious core work is remotely a good idea.

    Having recently started getting in shape myself, I understand the bewilderment of "What? *ME* grumpy at the thought of not being able to work out?" But don't underestimate the major physical undertaking that it is to heal from something like that. Your body isn't going to be lacking for something to do.
    God bless

  2. Thanks Sara. I am a highly motivated person but sometimes that works against me. I have been known to overdo something because I think the rules don't apply to me.

  3. You mean the rules apply to me too?? Hugs and prayers and take care of yourself.

  4. Best wishes for a quick recovery!


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