Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Turkey Axis of Evil

President Bush may have named Iran/Iraq/North Korea the Axis of Evil but he never met these lovely ladies.

We have our own personal Axis of Evil here in my neighborhood and it is comprised of these three turkeys. We have a lot of turkeys in our neighborhood but these three seem to have a screw or three loose. Normally wild turkeys very cautious birds and will fly or run at the first sign of danger. They scurry across the road and into the trees. At least normal wild turkeys do. But nooooooo, not these ladies.

We first encountered these "lovely" specimens on a walk one fine morning. Ashley and I saw them up ahead as they were crossing the road. We assumed that they would quickly melt into the woods. We were wrong. They spotted us and came towards us clucking and making other noises and generally trying to mix it up with us. These are really ugly birds close up let me tell you and we were close. I could have easily grabbed one if I wanted to. I resisted the urge. They were circling us like we were prey and even when we made "shooing" noises they didn't retreat very far. They moved off to the side of the road and followed us as we walked down the street. You want a piece of me, turkey! Come on, come on, I can take you.

Dan and I encountered them again last Sunday morning when they came right up to the car as we stopped to look at them.

Then this morning there they were again in the front yard. I went out to take some pictures of them and they didn't run, they came towards me making all those rude noises and trying to mix it up with me again. So what did I do, why I took pictures of course. They did finally go into the woods but only after I ran at them waving my arms. Thankfully no one saw me do it.


  1. These ladies were hanging around just outside my garage recently. They may have even been in it, but I can't be sure. I chased after them like a lunatic. They just ran a little bit into the woods, turned around and looked at me. Boy, did I feel foolish. (I hope no one was watching.)

  2. See, I told you that they require watching.


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