Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The County Fair

We love the Geauga County Fair. It is one of our longstanding family traditions that every Labor Day we trek out to the fair grounds to take in the sights and sounds and smells. The gigantic pumpkins and baked goods and 4H barn and horse judging and EATING and watching the people ride the rides and all the people and how interesting they are. We love the fair.

This year was no different. We had a beautiful day to wander the grounds and take in everything. So much fun.

And so the eating begins. SURE we go to the fair to see all the animals and the 4H crafts. Yea, yea that's right. OK, OK I will confess. we go to eat. We go to eat the apple fritters, the elephant ears, the onion rings, the gyros, the corn dogs, the cinnamon pecans from the vendor at the back of the fair grounds, the 4H milk shake and whatever else takes our fancy.

We started with these apple fritters. They were excellent. Take my word for it.

I don't know why but I take a picture of the cow butts every year. Perhaps therapy is in my future?
I love the cow barn. I love the smell in that place, almost as much as I love the smell in the horse barns. I love their placidity and everything about them...... especially hamburgers and steak and milk which leads to ice cream. Yum

Doesn't this fellow look like he is supremely happy. Little does he know what is going to happen. Cue sinister music and the voice over. Yes folks, this pig may think that he is living the "life of Riley" sleeping in his pen with that nice clean straw, having all these people looking at his immense girth and smelling his rather pungent odor. But.....can you say BACON!, PORK CHOPS!, PORK LOIN!, RIBS! Shhhhhh, don't let him know. What he doesn't know will be yummy for us. Sorry I am a confirmed carnivore.

And we end the day with more greasy food, the best onion rings in the world. I didn't take a picture of the 4H milkshake that we always get before we leave. I was too busy consuming it as we walked through the last of the buildings where the Photo contest winners are displayed. That is always one of my favorite places, obviously


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