Monday, December 19, 2016

Forceable Blog Rearrangement

Stupid work laptop.

Stupid Feedly.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

There, now I feel better....well not that much but I am getting there.

Monday, why do these things always happen on a Monday. Monday's are hard enough with all of the "well I guess I actually have to get up and put on pants today" and "yes, I guess I really should go to the office and be productive" stuff that you have to deal with after two days of not going to the office. I still put pants on mind you because, it is WINTER here, or almost. It was 15F when I got up this morning.

I put on pants indeed and a wool sweater and wool socks and a wool cowl. Of course I will take most of those off at some point during the day because I will inevitably have my own personal summer at some point. Never let anyone tell you that if you have the internal lady parts removed you won't have hot flashes. They will be lying to you. I don't know how the body figures out how to do this without all of the little female bits, but it has done so. 

What was I talking about? Oh, Monday.

Monday is always one of my busiest days. There is always tons of things that have to be done and last Monday was no it should have been expected that on this particular day my laptop would say, "No. Sorry. Not feeling it today." It was slower than the line at the DMV. Outlook didn't want to open and when it did open it didn't want to stay open. Nothing wanted to work. So, the decision was made to jettison the old behemoth for another lap top. I work at a software company, believe me when I say that there were other laptops that were just crying out for a job. I grabbed the first one that I could find, which happened to be laying in plane view and said, "Let's use this one. That should be easy."

Famous. Last. Words.

It took HHBL two hours of his precious time just to get Outlook and Office up and running. If you think that I am busy that is nothing compared to his schedule, which currently runs about 70 hours a week worth of work. I spent most of the afternoon getting all of the things moved over to the new computer and downloaded and set up and thought everything was fine.....until I tried to use Feedly, which is where all of the blogs that I read for all of the works reside.

Feedly kept telling me that it didn't know me. I tried every which way to tell it that we were old friends but it was as if Feedly had suddenly unfriended me. 

Me: But I am logged in on the old computer AND the iPad!!! 

Feedly: That is not my problem. I don't know you. Login with Google and start all over.

Me: But, but,  that isn't workable. All the blogs! All the stuff!

Feedly: Not listening. Here look, I logged you in with Google. You can thank me later because I know better than you.

Me: But none of the blogs are there! That isn't the way I login to get the blogs!

Feedly: LALALALALALA. Not listening 

Me: Fuck (sorry but that is what I said)

I tried again on Thursday morning but nada. Feedly is telling me that I am dead to it, at least the email login that I have used forever is. Guys, I am religious about putting all of my logins for ALL OF THE THINGS into my Datavault manager, and yet, I have no login info for Feedly. 

So, I finally decided just to reconstruct the blogs, painstakingly, slowly, into Feedly on the "new" laptop. And I decided that maybe it was time to just weed out all of the blogs that aren't really updating any longer. If the last time that you put up a blog post was more than 12 months ago......goodbye (says the person who went three months without blogging a thing.)

Have you noticed that less people are actually blogging these days?

I can tell you this because I eliminated half of blogs that I have been following. I felt bad about it, really I did, but if it has been 42 months since your last blog post then I think I can safely say that you are most likely done. 

And, if I would routinely pass by your blog and say to myself, "Well, I will get to THAT one later." And you had 10+ blog posts that I just hadn't bothered to read......I said goodbye to you too.

My, my feedly feels so clean and streamlined. And I DARE Feedly to lock me out again.

Says I with fear and trepidation.  



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