Friday, March 4, 2016

Bitty Bits of Blather

I really should do some kind of graphic for these....but where to find the time.

Did I digress already? Oops.

This week I learned, definitiely, that I have high blood pressure.


Oh, I knew this was coming, I just hoped that I was wrong. It has been sneaking up on me over time. Even 15+ years ago, when I would go to the eye doctor, my BP would be elevated a bit. I laughed it off because who really likes going to the eye doctor. Or any doctor for that matter. Then I finally got to the OB/GYN in December, and I gave them a reading that basically scared them a bit.

Then I had my colonoscopy....and I did it again. But it came down after they gave me the Fentanyl and so all was well.

And then I had my physical this week. I could feel my BP rising as I was driving there but I figured it was just a bit of "White Coat Fear". But I might have been wrong about that because WCF (which is a known effect by the way) would not have given off a BP that made the nurse look at me like she wanted to make sure that I still had the top of my head. Even sitting quietly in a room for 5 minutes with the BP cuff periodically taking a reading didn't bring the numbers down all that much.

So now I take BP medication and take my BP every morning. Yesterday morning and this morning it was down a bit so I guess the stuff is working. We will see.

This week I also had to admit that my cholesterol is not what is should be. I saw the number on Wednesday night and thought that I had somehow misread it. And by that I mean that it is a number that is less that 300 but more than 200 and that is all that I am going to say about it at the moment. There will be some dietary changes made, not that we eat unhealthy because really we don't. But butter and I are going through a trial separation at the moment. We won't even talk about my relationship with bacon.

Breaking up is so hard to do. I am also sure I will blog on it more indepth after Dr. M tells me that I will also have to go on meds for the cholesterol.


HHBL and I are off this weekend to spend two days just hanging with these people.

We are sometimes serious, I assure you, but these people are the reason why I would say that if you don't have a core group of friends who you are absolutely assured will laugh and cry with you, will tell you the truth when you are being a butthead and will love you no matter what....

Then you need to go out and find them right now and keep them in your life.

Maumee Bay State Park Lodge does not know what it is in for starting about 6:30p tonight.

This is what that stupid FitBit makes me do.

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I realized that I was exactly 200 steps shy of 10K for the day. Most sane people would say, "Hey, I did pretty well today! Made almost 10K steps. I will pat myself on the back and get in bed."

But not me. Oh no, I have to actually walk around my house, in my pjs, hoping that my neighbors don't wonder why I am wandering in seemingly aimless circles, so that I can get that happy little buzz on my left wrist that tells me that I have made it to 10K steps.

That thing isn't the boss of me! Nope, not at all.

I started knitting another baby blanket this week. Thank goodness I can do this now without really thinking about it because this is the fourth baby blanket THIS YEAR and I am getting a bit sick of them.

I know, I know. I said that I wasn't going to do anymore for a while but then I get the baby shower invitation for one of TMO's friends and, well, every baby needs a baby blanket that is knit with love. So there you are. And THEN TSiL's twin brother's wife had baby #2 last week and he will also need a blanket I am thinking. I so want to cast on a sweater. The swatch is done and I was spot on with the gauge (patting self on back) and the yarn is a lovely brown with copper highlights. But I have told myself very sternly that I cannot cast on until I have finished at least one of the baby blankets.

We all know what I am going to be knitting in the car on the way to Maumee.

We had snow this week. Next week it is supposed to be in the 60's.

It has been a crazy weather year. We haven't had any huge snow storms. We haven't had any really cold weather for long periods. I am not complaining but it has just been a strange weather year. Let's hope that Spring doesn't bring us an April like we had several years ago where it rained every. single. day.

Not fun.

Instagram. Because now, with the changes that Instagram has made, I can post to the THREE accounts that I am in charge of. Let's post ALL of the pictures from ALL of the things.



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