Saturday, March 26, 2016


Yup, still here.

Nope, can't seem to get myself back on the regular blogging schedule. I actually think this is because I sit at a computer for the "real" job and when I come home I just can't even contemplate powering up the big computer to blog.

I could blog while at work....of course now that I have said that the the cat would be out of the bag as the boss (aka HHBL) reads my little words here. And besides, I just basically don't have a spare moment during the work day to contemplate doing that. It is hard enough to get all of my tasks done on any given day.

But I have digressed right off the bat.

When I am able these days I am in the very beginning stages of a massive photo restructuring/moving/purging project. I know that this might come as a shock to some of you but.....I might have a few pictures on my computer. One might be able to legitimately call me a picture hoarder. That is the downfall of the whole taking all of my pictures digitally thing. It is so very, very easy to just keep everything, and I do mean everything. Up until the last year or so I have had a very difficult time with the whole "ruthlessly culling your pictures" concept because, you know,


For the uninitiated that would stand for But I Might Need It Someday Syndrome, a little known section of the ever growing pantheon of medical issues that we face in the digital age. I fight against my BIMNISDS tendencies every single day. HHBL brought home a back pack from a recent conference. He held it up and asked, "Do you think you could use......"

YES! said I, not even letting him finish his sentence and snatching the item from his hand because my my said, you know.......


I completely do NOT need a poorly designed and made backpack with the logo for HIMSS plastered on the front of it. After about a week BIMNISDS! had worn off and I was able to consign the now unwanted backpack to the ever growing pile for Goodwill. A small triumph over BIMNISDS! I work for those every day.

And now has come one of the biggest BIMNISDS! projects facing me....all the photos that reside on my computer. This is a tedious process because I do actually have to go through the photos one by one and decide if I need to keep one of the thousand photos I took of a particular thing.

You think I am exaggerating, I know you do. You would be wrong. And of course it isn't just that I have to go through each photo, it is that I also have to check first to see if they are in my Lightroom photo catalog system. They must be removed there and then moved or deleted. I haven't even THOUGHT about Photoshop Elements yet. There are so many parts to moving photos to an external hard drive or deleting them permanently. What a pain in the patookis. Not all photos should be deleted, many photos that are work related can be moved to my external hard drive for "off site storage" if you will. I still refer to those on occasion and there are many that I use. It is just that storage on the big computer isn't quite at critical mass stage but I see it coming down the pike if I don't do something. Once it is ALL done, just about the time of the Apocalypse, I will then import everything into my Lightroom catalog, tag all photos and add metadata.

See, big project. But I am starting small. I am starting with my iPhone pictures, of which there are many and some are just ones that I scratch my head and wonder why.
 Can someone explain to me why I took a picture of the groceries in my cart back in 2013? I am sure I had a reason, I always do, but for the life of me I can't remember why. This is a perfect illustration of my problem. I routinely download my iPhone photos into Dropbox and then onto my computer, where they then sit in perpetuity, no matter how mundane they are.

Begone nondescript picture of my shopping cart!

Now to get to the other 5200 photos in the iPhone download folder.

If I never show up again, you will know that my photos staged a revolt and I am no longer among the land of the living.

Wish me luck.


  1. I have to say I'm thankful I don't use my cellphone as a camera often....and I have no idea how to get the few photos on the phone off of it. There are benefits to being a Luddite.

    On the other hand the digital photos need to be reviewed and some cleared out. That's a someday project, but not today.

    I can't say I've ever taken a photo of my grocery cart. Can't help you there. :)

  2. Yes, I need to get ruthless with my pics, too, but it always seems to be a 'someday' project. All the best!


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