Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baseball Anyone

Ah summer baseball. I love it. One of Dan's baseball buddies had extra tickets to the Indians-San Fran Giants game and we snagged two of them. Unbelievably this is our fist game of the season. We usually go to about 10 games a year but this year things have conspired against us.

We arrived early at the ballpark to find our seats and get something to eat. Tonight was special for Cleveland fans because Omar Vizquel, our former Short Stop would be back for the first time. Now, there are former Indians players that we "boo" when they come to play (yes that would be you Jim Thome) because they left for more money. When I say money I mean egregiously large amounts of money that should never be paid to anyone who is playing a sport. We can debate later about whether it is OK to boo a player and the salaries of said players. In the case of Omar we didn't boo we cheered. This man is loved here is Cleveland and we took the time to show that with cheers and a standing O not only before the game but when he was up to bat. A quality player all around.

During the first few years of attending Indians games I will admit that the nine innings seemed to go on FOREVER. However, I learned the basic rules of the game and that helped. But it wasn't until my hubby urged me to learn to score the games that I really came to experience the full game (thanks honey!!). He seemed to think that I was "born to score baseball games" perhaps because I love order (some would read that as obsessive compulsive but they would be WRONG). Now I can't imagine not taking my score book with me.

Jacob's Field... alright, alright I will call it Progressive Field even though that doesn't feel right to me. Progressive Field does a fairly decent job of food. I had my usual piece of pizza and half of a watery beer ( because I was too lazy to go and find the good beer). Dan also had a hot dog. Not too bad.

It was a beautiful night for baseball, not necessarily a beautiful game (with the Indians those are few and far between these days). The temp was perfect, the sky was unclouded and there was very little wind. Lovely.

To top in all off we were all presented with our VERY OWN Travis Hafner bobble head doll. OH joy, OH rapture. To make it TOTALLY authentic (OK I will stop with the capitals now) I have added a bandaide to his shoulder since he is currently on the DL. We always want to go for authenticity at our house. Of course the bat broke the minute that I put it together which I think is a sad commentary on how Travis Hafner is hitting this year. Sigh.


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