Friday, June 6, 2008

Ansel Adams: An Autobiography

Ansel Adams: An Autobiograpy
Adams, Ansel
Knitting Sticks: 4

An interesting book to be sure. Even if you don't know the name Ansel Adams I am sure that you will have seen one or more of his pictures. His striking photography from Yosemite is everywhere.

Ansel Adams was actually a very articulate and interesting writer, thank goodness. I have read some autobiographies that could have used a good ghost writer but not this one. However, I think that my enjoyment of this book was enhanced by my having read a previous biography of Mr. Adams. He deals with his early life (as you would expect him to) but a vast majority of the book reads like separate "vignettes" of people, events and issues which have been important to him. I had to get used to the flow of the book.

I did enjoy the book and would recommend the read. Not a book that I would probably read again even though I did give it 4 pointy sticks. I have sent it along to some one at Paperback Book Swap for their enjoyment.


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