Friday, August 7, 2015

Bitty Bits of Blather

The weekly blather that even Donald Trump can’t explain away.

I am a creature of habit. For 29 years I did my grocery shopping on Mondays.

Without fail. If I didn’t go grocery shopping on Monday morning my whole world was out of alignment and the space time continuum would shift on it’s axis and terrible things would happen. And then I went back to work and I work on Mondays. No grocery shopping. It was a huge shift for me to start to shop on Fridays. There are like, PEOPLE, in the store on Friday mornings. No one ever shops on Monday mornings, that is why I liked it. Of course, sometimes the shelves are a bit more empty on Monday mornings, especially if you live in an area where you seem to have some “stock up by cleaning out a shelf” people. I dislike those people intensely. Where was I going with this? Oh yes.

I really wish that I could just wander the halls of my local grocery store all day long and watch how people shop and what they buy. No seriously, can someone pay me to do that? There were the two 20 something guys who were shopping and were having a rather heated disagreement about whether they should buy the “nice squishy white bread”. It took all that I had within me to not stand there and just watch the grocery drama unfolding. Then there was the woman fastidiously removing the corn husks before carefully putting the pristinely shucked ear of corn in the plastic bag. What people buy at the store and how they shop absolutely fascinates me.

It doesn’t take much.

How can it possibly be August already!! Kids are going back to school. There are bins upon bins of school supplies at Target just screaming for me to buy them unnecessarily. I mean, who can resist the siren call of pencils and pens and……….erasers.

August is going to be a jam packed month here at Chez Knit. Every weekend is filled with people visiting or a wedding, both those we are attending and those I am coordinating. There are Blossom concerts on the lawn to attend the fair to go to. I think I also have to stick in some canning and freezing in the hours that are available. I just placed my “order” with my favorite farm stand for a dump truck load of tomatoes. Not really but it is a lot of tomatoes. We are running low on salsa and I need to can some tomatoes for the winter.

And then there is the jam. We go through a fair bit of jam here at Chez Knit. It pained my hear to actually throw out some jam last week but I found a jar (or two) of peach/cherry that for some reason had not jammed up the way that it should. Yes, I KNOW I could have worked on it. I chose not to thankyouverymuch. In stead I pulled out all of the older frozen fruit that I had and made mixed berry jam.

2015-08-07 07.46.48

Perfection. I may try my hand at some peach jam next week. We haven’t bought jam from the store in many years. It would seem a sacrilege. And besides, we are just plain spoiled.

I am complete obsessed with my clothesline. It has been so long since I had one that I just want to hang everything out on it.

I apologize to Chris, my across the back yard neighbor, who is right now being treated to the sight of my not all that small “binders” (bras for those who haven’t ever watched The Trouble with Angels) hanging out on the line. Those things flapping in the breeze would scare anyone.

Off to look around my house to see what I can wash and hang out on the line.

Problem? I don’t see a problem.

The things they never tell you when you pick up that cute puppy at the pound:

Someday he might try to kill you with his farts.

It is both hilarious and nauseating when Max relaxes fully into his almost all the time nap and starts to break wind.




He can clear a room faster than a political candidate asking for money.

2015-07-31 19.03.49

Cinderella at the Connor Palace Theater was absolutely fabulous. The audience was filled with little girls in princess dresses and the occasional tiara. The production was perfection and there were some occasional dress changes that I am still not sure how they performed.

And I might have been quietly singing along to all the songs under my breath. HHBL thought it was very amusing.

HHBL asked me the other day whether I “always had to have a big project going?”


Well, maybe.

I am thinking that this should really be a longer blog post but I have to think it through a bit. I hadn’t really thought about it but I do often have a big project that I am working on as well as all of the usual things that happen in life. I am not sure why that is other than I love the feeling when you have completed something big and challenging.

Hmmmmm. More on this later when I have thought about it a bit…..and when I have finished the big project that I am currently working on. Is anyone else like this? Do you have to have a big project that you are working on or can you just coast through life getting by on the meager satisfaction of small projects?

Over achiever? Not me.

Instagram. It’s better viewing than any political debate
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  1. Thanks to my "I Like To Blather Friend". Always a good read. I need to comment more so you know your
    efforts are not in vain.
    Lovingly, Ida

  2. I saw Cinderella last year on Broadway. My very first Broadway show!! Had Fran Drescher and Carly Rae Jepsen. It was great!!!


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