Friday, April 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Vol 255)


Good golly I am late with these!! Conversion Diary is taking Friday off but I am still here with enough blather to cover over the pain of seeing anything Kardashian on the TV.

Your blathery antidote to all things KimYe

Evidently last weekend, even though I interacted with 8 bazillion family and friends….

No one bothered to tell me that I was sporting a chin hair that was long enough that I could have knit a pair of socks with it.

I discovered Hairzilla when I arrived home. I looked in the mirror and he was waving at me with abandon….until I plucked him out that is.

Thanks everyone.

I am finally starting to feel back in the “groove” of life. All the traveling and memorializing and visiting just took a toll on my poor and ancient body. Monday and Tuesday I walked through life as if my feet were encased in big blocks of jello.

I sat down in a chair on Monday afternoon to look at something and the next thing I knew it was an hour later and I had a mouth that was as dry as the Sahara, which means that I was most likely head back, mouth wide, snoring loudly.

Thank goodness no one saw that.

The Cuckoo Clock is finally back up on the wall and running.

You didn’t know that we have a cuckoo clock? Well I had almost forgotten it too as the poor thing has been packed away in a box in the basement for a bit over four years. The person who wasted a boat load of our money house stager insisted that we remove it and pack it away when we put OCK on the market the first time. And it just stayed in the box and languished. Until suddenly yesterday, as I was sitting and reading a bit, I thought….

I need to put the cuckoo clock up!

Random thought strikes again!

First I had to find the box, which wasn’t all that difficult as we have extensive shelving in the basement and most of the boxes are now grouped by who the box pertains to or the time of the year that it is used.

Obsessive? Who is obsessive? I just like to know where things are when I need them.

But I digress.

There was the box, just like I knew it would be. Upstairs it went. Unpacked it was. Also in the box, for some unexplained reason, was the weather radio that I had looked all over for. Hmmmmm.

Because I am obsessive careful about packing the clock was intact, the chains were not tangled, the parts were all there. Up on the wall he went and he has been very happily chirping out the hour and the half hour for the past 24 hours.

And yesterday happened to be the birthday of this man (Not Papa but the fellow on the right)….


My dear friend, Werner, who along with his wife Gudrun, brought HHBL and I the clock as a wedding present when they came all the way from Germany to attend our Marital Day.

I love that clock.

And I have absolutely no idea why Papa and Werner are eating a bratwurst in a hamburger bun.

It is the little things that make you happy.

I now have a screen door on my house. The door was always there but it had a glass insert, a good thing when the weather is cold, but not a good thing when the weather is warm and you want to have a nice breeze blowing through your house because you hate air conditioning.

I would look at that door last summer, when the sun would beat down and the glass would head up and no breeze could blow, and I would wish that it was a screen door.

I was sad that it wasn’t a screen door.

I would long for a screen door.

And then last week, I was fiddling around with something by the furnace in the basement and I noticed a screen propped up behind the furnace and hiding behind an errant ceiling tile. I knew it couldn’t be one of the screens that we had taken out of the windows in the fall. Those are all stored in a different part of the basement. But where had it come from? And then it struck me like a lightening bolt on a golf course.

It might just be a screen insert for the door. I am pretty good with spacial things and it looked like it would fit.

And it did.


Now if it would just stay warm.

Here I thought that this summer was going to be long and lazy and full of days with nothing to do…..

And we now have every weekend with something planned. Or almost every weekend it would seem. How does that happen? Oh sure, there is baseball for HHBL and that happens most Saturday mornings. And then there are the people coming to visit here and there (Hey Jon, tell Kathy to call me so we can schedule your visit!) and there are several concerts under the stars that we are going to and there are several weddings that I am helping coordinate at church and there are the Pre-Marital mentoring sessions that have been planned and there might be a visit to see Mimi. And there are photo jobs.

I am going to need a vacation from my summer activities

Because I don’t have ANYTHING to do today (like finishing the editing on two jobs PLUS setting up a PASS gallery for some photos for a friend PLUS billing PLUS cleaning my office) I had to spend a boat load of time researching how to color code my calendar on my iPad. I have no idea why but I like to have my calendar color coded. I started doing that when all the progeny were still at home and we had three children with different schedules plus two adults with different schedules.

I needed color coding.

And now my iPad (and therefore my iPhone) calendar is color coded.

I am so happy.

And as usual, here are some of the Instagram photos from this past week.
2014-04-11 09.41.30-22014-04-11 20.16.56-22014-04-13 07.31.51-22014-04-13 18.34.00-22014-04-14 10.21.05-22014-04-14 14.21.13-12014-04-14 17.44.02-22014-04-14 20.04.192014-04-15 18.46.352014-04-16 09.37.17

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  1. I did not notice Hairzilla in spite of seeing you throughout the weekend so it must not have been very noticeable. I'm not surprised you were exhausted, that was a lot of emotion packed into one weekend. But you were/are always gracious and warm.


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