Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Fiber, yarn, remote control shooting

Yes, Yes I know I used this picture just recently in the 365 project.

I resurrect it here because soon, very soon, I swear really really soon I am going to have to go through my stash.

Oh help me.

I suffer from a severe case of SABLE


I don’t know how it happened, I really don’t. When I came back to knitting about seven years ago I didn’t have ANY fiber at Chez Knit. Well, other than that old bottle of Benefiber…but we won’t talk about that. I had to BORROW needles and yarn from my knitter friend Cindy. In fact she gave me some fabulous Aran weight yarn to start making “something” with. She just told me to cast on and see what happens.

I cast on and started thinking I was going to make a scarf. It looked more like a growth hormone challenged afghan but I persevered and frogged a lot. But I was hooked. And I started to buy a bit of yarn here and a bit of yarn there. But not very good yarn.

And then I met these womenIMG_8649A

Yarn Enablers

No longer could I be content with Lion Brand or……Red Heart. Now there was Pagewood Farms and Knit Picks, Aracania and Berroco, Crystal Palace and……Malabrigo.

Oh Malabrigo how I love you.

And I started to buy yarn here and there.

And when we would travel I always made sure to check out the yarn stores in the area.


And my Stash cupboard is full to overflowing. Bursting at the seems. Ready for a Melt Down to China.

I bet they have yarn in China!

And so the best way to know what I have in there is to actually take it ALL out, photograph ALL of it, spreadsheet all the fiber and how much I have of it, update my stash on Ravelry and then organize it a bit better. Also it would help if I actually linked up some of the yarn with specific patterns. Well now THERE’S a thought.

It isn’t happening today because, well, there are other things on the agenda. But it will be soon.

Wish me luck. I just looked and I only have enough fingering weight sock yarn to make 20 pair.

I don’t think that is nearly enough!! I am going to have to free up some space.

You know, I could always just switch everything to a large cabinet and then I wouldn’t have all this trouble.



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