Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Can Knit With That!

It all started with a picture on Facebook.

And just went down hill from there.

The picture was of knitting done using Phillips Head screw drivers. And it got me to thinking. When I was growing up one of my worst fears was getting stuck some place without anything to read.


That fear continued into adulthood. I was the person that packed a pair of shorts, some tee shirts, my flip flops and 20 books to go on vacation (BarbN I KNOW you can relate to this). And if I got through all that I had brought to read I had to find a book store. Believe me, it has happened more than once. But now I have an iPhone AND an iPad and travel with both so I am all set for reading material.

No, now the fear is finding myself someplace without anything to knit. What if I am stuck somewhere and I don’t have any way to get my next fiber fix. I really don’t like to think of what would happen to mankind if I couldn’t play with pointy sticks.

Never fear. I think now I could improvise….

Chop Stick Knit 3

Chop sticks?

Chop Stick Knit

Yes, knitting with chop sticks is a possibility. I will say that it might have been a bit easier if I had taken some sand paper to them first but I was trying to put myself in the place of someone who had finished take out Chinese and then come to the horrible realization that she left her knitting at home.


What if you were on a construction site and suddenly had the urge to knit a scarf? It could happen you know. Never fear. Philips Head screw drivers are a fine, if slightly poorly weighted substitute. They were a bit unwieldy at first but I got the hang of it.

Pencil Knit

Next came pencils. Stuck in class with a boring professor? No problem. Surprisingly this was a bit more difficult to manage. If the lead had been sharpened to too fine a point it tended to split the yarn. And the untreated wooden portion was fairly “catchy”. The transition from rough wood to painted surface was difficult. In the end the chop sticks were a better option.

Letter Opener knit

How about letter openers! Well, yes you can but in this instance I might forgo the knitting. The openers tended to want to slice through the fiber and I stuck myself more than one. It isn’t good to get blood on the knitting.

Toothpick Knit

And last but not least, tooth picks. I actually went to the trouble of sizing these babies and they come out a perfect size 1. I felt distinctly like Mrs. Clock from The Borrowers, knitting something for Pod or Arrietty.

You just never know where my mind is going to take me.


  1. lol-- I was already composing a comment in my head that said, "I DO THAT TOO!" I'm still not sold on e-readers, but vacation is where they shine. Not that having one stops me from wandering around a bookstore or two.

  2. So you don't have "real" needles but you happen to have yarn?

    Waiting for the installment based on dental floss or shoelaces. ;-)

  3. I actually knitted a bit on some large pins with embroidery floss, then made tiny floss skeins and balls and put the whole thing in a miniature basket for a dollhouse I made my daughter. (Oh how I miss my young adult visual acuity). It's one of her favorite items still - 25 years later. And I knit on toothpicks once for her Barbie dolls. This was fun... I agree with Rowan... let's see you take it to the next step. Knitting with rice noodles on the chopsticks, electrical wire on the screwdrivers, and typewriter ribbon on the letter openers. :-)


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