Tuesday, October 21, 2014

iTunes Hates Me

I’m sorry. I was going to sit down and write you a long and lovely post.

And I did sit down.

Only it was to try and figure out why iTunes hates me today and insists on skipping to the next song in the middle of the song that I am currently listening to. And not ALL songs mind you, only certain songs. It is as if today iTunes has said to me, “You may listen to Abbey Road all the way through without any problems as all. But if you wish to enjoy the soundtrack to Lincoln or perhaps Les Miserables you will be in for frustration as you have not known for many a day. You are welcome.”

As is always the case these days, on a day when I am not in the office, my “to do” list is long. I don’t need to spend time farting around on the internetz trying to figure out why iTunes is messing with just certain songs and certain albums. I have things to do people and this is not helping. iTunes also wanted to tell me that I was out of space on my iPhone, even though in General settings under usage it tells me that I have a freight car load of storage available. This whole thing is eating up my time folks!

We won’t talk about the hour I spent sitting in front of my computer watching things on YouTube.

Moving on.

So, you are not getting a pithy post today.

Because I am going to go and speak sharply to my iPhone.

I wonder if that will help?

Friday, October 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Where I Wander Around in Confusion


To quote Calvin and Hobbes, “The Days Just Fly By”. You know what is necessary at this point. When you are done parsing the blather contained below you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my panic that there are only 68 days until Christmas, over to Conversion Diary.

Warm and comfy blather for those kinds of days.

My “carrot” at the end of the stick for this, another long week, is that I am going to The Autumn Fiber Festival tomorrow with my friend Cindie.


Cindie, who knows me well and for a long time, made sure to schedule this outing several months ago. It has been digitally “circled” on my calendar for a weeks and I have been saving up moola to perhaps buy some yarn.

Because we ALL know that I don’t have enough of THAT!

2014-10-17 08.43.40

I see spaces that need to be filled……and this is just the “good” stuff. You can’t see the tubs of acrylic that I use for charity knitting.

Problem? What problem?

Autumn Fiber Festival here I come!!

Let’s get the Ebola discussion out of the way shall we.

I find it more than a little ironic that on the day the news broke about Ebola patient, Amber Vinson, flying to Cleveland, spending time with family and then going back to Dallas, all while most likely sick with the beginnings of Ebola, this was on the front page of the Plain Dealer…..

2014-10-17 07.15.53

And then the panic sets in as schools are closed to be disinfected after a middle school worker “traveled home from Dallas on Frontier Airlines Tuesday on a different flight, but perhaps the same aircraft” and my local PNC branch was closed for exactly the same reason.

Folks, I am not downgrading how very bad Ebola can be. Believe me when I say that it is a VERY SCARY thing indeed. But lets all get a reality check here.

And if you want to read a book about Ebola, and who doesn’t, then I would recommend The Hot Zone but Robert Preston. My dad and I started reading about Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers somewhere around 1995 and this was one of the first books in our “research”.

Don’t judge! That is just the way that we roll in my family.

Again this week I have had what I call “day confusion”. It always happens when I travel on a Monday, which is what happened this week. We traveled back to Chez Knit on Monday after spending the weekend visiting with family and partying at a wedding.

Peter and Jessica got married! YEAH!!

2014-10-12 15.31.38

This was the dress that the woman in front of me, Ruth, was wearing. The minute I saw it I knew it was hand knit. Both that dress and the green dress next to it. I asked her after the ceremony and she said that she had knit her dress and the dress that her mother was wearing…many years ago. How cool is that!

Did I digress? Where was I? Oh yes, confusion.

SO, because I was not doing the usual work thing on Monday and was actually riding in a car for a portion of the day and eating “Pumpkin pretzels” that we bought at one of the Indian rest stops….they are crack! I cannot resist.


Back on track now. Because I was traveling on Monday then the rest of the days of the week have been completely screwed up for me. I was convinced for a good portion of yesterday that it was actually Wednesday and not Thursday. I won’t tell you exactly when in the day that the light finally went on that it was Thursday and not Wednesday. I should have had a clue very early on as I was attending the meetings that were listed as being on Thursday….but the brain, you know, it does and says what it wants to.

It took WAY too many words to tell you that. I apologize.

I am so excited. Towards Employment has asked if I would be willing to donate a “Family Picture Package” towards their annual auction.

Let me think about that…….


Well of course the answer is YES! We all know that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Towards Employment. It was an easy answer to give.

Leonard 5

I had a great time with Leonard last week, making him stand in an alleyway as I took my life in my hands for the perfect photo of another man of strength and dignity. Leonard kindly let me know when the truck coming down 13th might be in the line of hitting me.

I would take these kinds of photo shoots all the day long.

Today I am home all day…

I am letting that sink in.

Yes, home all day. I don’t need to go anywhere. I don’t need to meet anyone. It is just me, myself and my overly stinky dog.

I am so excited that I almost don’t know where to start on my “to do” list that never gets “too done”. There is bread to bake and floors to vacuum and soup to produce and office work to be done and photos to edit and things to be sewn and knit and books to be read (I am re-reading The Hot Zone).

But I think for a while I will just sit and enjoy the feeling on not having to zip from one place to another…..for a short while.

The to do list is calling it’s irresistible siren song of business.

I had a boat load of fun doing a short photo shoot this week for my boyfriend and his older brother.

P and G 2014 3

Superman wasn’t overly fond of wearing his cape…or staying in one place.

P and G 2014 5P and K 13

But we managed to get a few photos of them together.

Just way too much fun.

And now for some Instagram. Because who doesn’t like to throw random photos out onto the Internet for people to like and comment on.
2014-09-15 10.51.32-22014-09-15 11.19.43-12014-10-06 13.57.11-2 - Copy2014-10-09 07.25.36-22014-10-09 11.24.10-32014-10-09 19.24.07-22014-10-09 22.15.23-32014-10-10 09.25.24-32014-10-10 09.36.12-22014-10-11 15.18.57-22014-10-12 07.43.272014-10-12 13.48.03-22014-10-12 15.24.152014-10-12 15.31.38-22014-10-12 16.17.15-32014-10-13 07.52.55-22014-10-13 08.15.58-22014-10-13 09.47.09-32014-10-13 10.11.46-22014-10-15 07.36.59-22014-10-16 08.19.30-2

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Evidently I Live on Tatooine

I have, on occasion, been accused of not being patient when I do something.

I KNOW! I too am shocked at this casting of aspersions upon my ability to control myself. But…..

On occasion……

It might have some validity.

There might be some veracity to the accusation.

If the internet is too slow in loading the page, I grumble.

If the person driving in front of me is going too slow….and occasionally the posted speed limit is too slow for my taste….I complain and pass on the left…..or the right.

And the other morning, when I realized that there was a perfect view of the lunar eclipse that I had completely forgotten about, I might have been a bit on the more impatient side when trying to capture those last moments before the eclipse was total.

I first realized that the moon was being eclipsed when I exited the garage to take Max the Magnificent on his morning constitutional. Believe me when I tell you that you can lead a dog to grass but you can’t make him poop any faster than he wants to. FINALLY Max was finished with “his business”, after much clucking and hurrying noises from me, and I hustled him back into Chez Knit and grabbed my camera, my tripod and my cable remote and zipped back outside.

Big red moon that is almost in total eclipse? Check!

Not a cloud in sight? Check!

Camera and tripod and remote all set up? Check!

All the settings are what I want them to be? Check!

I click the remote…..the shutter clicks open……and doesn’t click shut when I think it should.

I wait…and wait…..and wait for that tell tale “click” that means the shutter has snapped back in place but it never comes.


Now at this point the better thing to do would have been to slow down and “work the problem, people”, to quote Gene Krantz. But instead I just assumed that it was the not often but very rare camera error and I just flipped the switch and shut it down. Then I turned it back on and the shutter opened up again and continued on.

What the HECK???

There was a moment of intense panic because you know how attached I am to Big Bertha and she is a part of my livelihood. And then I looked down at the remote cable shutter release…..and I realized that I had somehow, in my exuberance at trying to take the picture, switched the darn thing to “hold” which means that it just tells the shutter to stay open until you click the button to “not hold” and tell the shutter to close.

Insert Dope Slap Here.

And what was the picture that I ended up with?

Inadvertant Tatooine

Evidently I live on Tatooine.

Sort of cool in a fuzzy art house way. But still not what I was going for.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mollie Motion

Mollie motion

Even though I am pretty sure that Mollie’s parents did not give her any caffeine, she had more energy at 8p than I ever display even after my morning vat of coffee.

And just an aside, I think the guy on the right in the picture was a guest at the wedding we attended this weekend, and I am going to throw out a big criticism here, even though it isn’t my fight to fight. I observed what I can only describe as thoughtless photographic behavior from this guy and I felt VERY bad and more than a bit angry for the actual wedding photographer, who was working her butt off and doing the wedding alone. This fellow, with his camera, more than once got in the way of the actual photographer. Specifically with the “first dances”. He took his camera and not only stepped into the shot but he walked up to the couple ON. THE. DANCE. FLOOR. to get “his” shot thereby making the actual paid photographer have to move in order to be able to have the couple be the sole focus of the shot.

The wedding photographer, as far as I could see (and I did watch), spent a boat load of time repositioning in order to adjust to this fellows thoughtless behavior.

I might not have been so nice about it.

Friday, October 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Where I All Over the Place)


I am LATE!!! Egads. Remember, when you are done with my rambling here you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my rising Christmas planning panic, over to Conversion Diary.

Blather that overcomes all obstacles.

Well, I thought I would give you the latest cable update. I know that you are all on the edge of your seats waiting impatiently.

As of Monday sometime (I was at work so can't give the exact moment) we are no longer the possessors of cable TV. That also means that we have no land line for phones but we didn't really care about that. I didn't even remember what that number was as I never gave it out. If the house phone rang then I always knew it was a telemarketer and I didn't answer it.

HHBL and I have actually made the decision to do without any form of cable/dish for the time being and are exploring "other options". There are so many things to watch between Netflix and Amazon Prime and our own large DVD collection that we don't feel a lack. We will just reconnect the digital antennae to the TV so that we can get the local channels and be done with it.

We may purchase MLB.com and something related to the NBA so that we can partake in CAVS games and baseball but the cost of those for a year is far cheaper than cable.

For the moment we are stickin' it to the cable man!

I completely forgot that there was a lunar eclipse this week, that is until I was walking Max the Magnificent in the early morning and realized that the moon looked all funny and red and that is when it hit me.

It is at these times that the dog always wants to take his own sweet time finding just the right spot to drop the morning load. And there is no way that you can speed up this process if you want to run inside and get your camera and tripod and remote cable and take a photo.

Sniff....walk...sniff...walk...sniff....hunker....NOPE not the right spot....sniff...walk...sniff...


He managed a paltry deposit after all of that and I then was able to run inside and get my equipment and run back out and try to take a picture.....

Which wasn't all that successful. I haven't even had a chance to look at them so you will notice that there isn't a photo attached to this rambling "take". I can say that because I was in a hurry I somehow flipped my shutter cable to "hold" and didn't realize and couldn't figure out why the shutter wouldn't snap back and ended up with some sort of blurry double exposure.

Sort of a Double Moons of Tatooine only blurry.

When I have a chance I will see what I did but I wouldn't hold my breath that you will ever see it.

However, I am not above self humiliation so you may see it.

This week was the neighborhood annual meeting.

You cannot believe how a room full of older adults can make a mountain out of when the association is going to clean the gutters....and how often they are going to ask that same question even though it has already been answered.

The thing I will say is that the annual meeting lasted a total of 45 minutes, despite the overly long discussion about gutters and landscaping and then multitude of people who wanted to weigh in on whether HHBL and I should go with DirectTV.

Ah my neighborhood how I love you.

I am about to do another major blog purge.

If you haven't updated your blog in over 100 days my guess is that you are going bye bye.

If you blog 10 times a day then the same applies. I just am overloaded.

I hate to do it but something has to give and I don't want it to be my sanity.

I might have bought yarn this week.

It was a stressful week(s).

I might have joined this......
But they are doing a monthly indie dyed yarn based on different areas of Cleveland........and we know how much I love Cleveland!!!

And I want to support indie dyers and my LYS.

I can justify anything if it involves yarn.

I found a scarf on the sidewalk on Tuesday. It is a lovely, airy thing and it was forlornly laying there as I walked by on my way to Towards Employment for the last bit of photo shooting.

Oh the angst and uncertainty as I gazed down at the scarf that had obviously been dropped not that long ago. It was a bit windy and I didn't want it to blow into the street on 13th. And the rain was blowing in and I didn't want it to get wet. I stood there for a time just contemplating it and looking around to see if someone would come rushing down the street to claim it.

And in the end it came home with me.

We are going to be very happy together. But if you were in Cleveland on Tuesday and you lost a large, filmy gray scarf from H&M let me know.

No Instagram line up this week as we are actually out visiting Parental Unit Mimi and seeing our kids and family and going to a family wedding.

That just means that next week there will be extra photos.

Try to contain your enthusiasm.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thinkin’ Bout a Nap

Thinkin' bout a nap

The eyes are getting sleepier….

And sleepier…..

And zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I forgot how much I love my 85mm lens.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Adieu to You, Again, Time Warner (kinda)

As of Monday, Time Warner will no longer be supplying us with monstrous numbers of cable channels that we neither want or need or watch. We will be keeping them for our internet but cable will be no more.

It isn’t as hard a decision as you might think. They just charge too darn much for their charms. And if it weren’t for the sports factor at Chez Knit, the whole I cannot live without baseball thing for me and the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be good (thank you LeBron) this year, we might not even think about getting cable of any kind.

Honestly, most of my “tv watching” is actually Netflix and Amazon Prime. I hate commercials with a fierce and gusty hatred. I like to have control over what I am watching and not feel the need to flip between two or even three different programs just to be able to avoid watching commercials.

If I am not careful I will get “Commercial avoidance thumb”.

Did I digress?

At any rate, come Monday Time Warner is going to turn the cable off. You cannot imagine how difficult it was for HHBL to get them to do that. They just keep talking and talking and trying to sell you something and ask why you don’t want to date any longer. An HOUR it was before she finally gave up. Thank goodness for speaker phones and the ability to multitask. I am betting that most of the time people just give up and say…

“FINE! Keep gouging me! Just stop talking!”

Thankfully HHBL is a man of steel and determination.

It isn’t that we aren’t going to have cable of some kind. It is most likely we are going to give Dish Network or DirectTV a try. We can have a dish here at Chez Knit just so long as “it isn’t visible from the street”.

Goodbye Time Warner.

I cannot say that I will miss you all that much. If you had just let us pick our own channels we might not have to break up. Your cable charms just aren’t worth that much when there are so many media watching options out there.