Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 74–Hands at Work

Day 74 - Hands at Work

I am almost 53 years old and you can see that in my hands. They don’t have the smooth and supple skin that they once did. They have lines and wrinkles and veins. They are what they are.

I don’t know from day to day what picture I will take for this little project. Sometimes it is a picture that I have been thinking about for a long time and just waiting for the right conditions. Sometimes it is spontaneous.

Today was spontaneous.

I was in the process of kneading a mess of French bread dough. Can I just tell you how totally calming and contemplative kneading bread dough is. I often times just get lost in the rhythm of the kneading, looking out the window and letting the motion of my hands go on autopilot, or autoknead as it were. I was in my “bread zen” zone when I happened to look down and thought,

I need to take a picture of my hands kneading the dough.

It required carefully switching lens (the 18-270mm wasn’t the right lens for the job, I needed the 50mm), mounting the camera and getting the settings right. Now I have flour on the camera AND on the small tripod since I didn’t want to take the time to wash and dry my hands.

The inspiration is strong in that one.

Sorry, too much Star Wars on the brain.

But I am pleased with the results.


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