Wednesday, January 4, 2012

These Are NOT Resolutions

I do not “do” New Years resolutions. I don’t do them because I know that I will invariably fail. And then I will get all depressed. And unhappy. And moody.

You get the picture.

What I do is set some fairly easily attainable goals that I can work on over the course of the year. And I try to actually write them down not just think about them. If they are written down then they are some how more concrete. It keeps me honest. It keeps me on track. Nothing major like “I am going to lose 30 pounds this year!”

If I wrote that one down I would just stare at it and laugh. “Diet” is a four letter word to me. Believe me, I have been on enough to know that they never work, at least not for me. If I cannot have that chocolate chip cookie then all I will think about all day long is the chocolate chip cookie. All. Day. Long.

Hmmm, I seem to have digressed just a bit.

The list isn’t long. It isn’t all that detailed. It might even be a bit boring for that matter. Don’t tell me if it is. I am a tender plant that bruises easily.

1. Put a bit more planning into meals
I have become VERY lax in this department. VERY. When the progeny were still at home I was a fiend for planning meals. But now that HHBL and I are the only ones here….not so much. It is not an uncommon thing for 4p or even 5p to roll around and for me to ask the dreaded question of myself…

I wonder what we should have for dinner?

And then I spend time trying to figure it out and if there is meat involved trying to figure out how to get it thawed and cooked. Too much pressure. And I end up falling back on the same recipes rather than trying something else. I love to cook and bake so if I just put a bit of time in at the beginning of the month I wouldn’t be tearing my hair out on a Wednesday afternoon. And I am going to be participating in Dandy’s 52 Food Adventures! A 2012 Challenge so I had better do some planning. My “new” ingredient for this week was chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. I forgot to take pictures of the soup I made but trust me it was good. 5 Bean Soup with Chipotle Peppers and Chorizo. AND why didn’t anyone tell me about the “kick” that those things have. Holy Momma!

2. Knitting From The Stash
This will not be a difficult as you might think. At current count I could produce 15 pairs of socks with the sock yarn that I have “in the cupboard”.

And then there might be all the yarn that I need for this little project…..

It is all wrapped up and just waiting for me to start………..

Plus there might be some alpaca that is crying out to be a sweater of some kind.

Plus I REALLY need to get going on the sweater/hat for the Booshy sprout who will be arriving soon. She doesn’t know so don’t tell her OK?

And who am I really kidding. I am sure that I will buy some yarn this year. Just a little bit. Just a smidge. Maybe some more alpaca since I am going to be where there are a lot of alpacas.

And I am fairly short on sock yarn.

Yarn Hoarding? What yarn hoarding?

3. Learn how to sell stuff on Ebay
How hard can this be REALLY. And I have a bunch of stuff that I have cleaned out and that needs to be disposed of but is too valuable just to take over to AmVets.

I am now in possession of the book “Ebay for Dummies” which should be just about my speed.

REALLY, how hard can this be. Famous last words.

4. Continue the clean out process here at Chez Knit
I will continue to clean out and dispose and reporpose and reuse and blog about the whole thing over at The 100 Days Cleanout.

And when I am done with THAT 100 days then it will be 100 days of cleanout out and deleting photos that I will never be using or editing. I cling to all the photos that I take like the Queen of England clings to her oversized handbag.

Don’t you sometimes wonder what she keeps in that thing? It can’t be money or keys to the Royal mini van.


Never mind.

5. Work on growing my business
I am a photographer. I am a photographer. I am a photographer.

And to keep me honest I have to tell you that I do have a business…..

Hidden Moments Photography.

AND that there is a website now. It is small. It is simple. It is evolving.

It is Hidden Moments Photography

Really, I am a photographer. And isn’t that just a kick!! I get tickled every time I think about it.

And then I get really scared.

6. Publish my “Elixir of Life” posts in book form.
I will let you all know when that happens. And I am also thinking calendar. Who knows. I will keep writing them until the elixir well runs dry.

And there are people that are hoping that happens very soon.

Well, I think that will do it for now. None of these are lofty and unattainable. None of them are earth shattering. All of them are dear to my little heart.

I will keep you posted.


  1. I have been working on my list as well....not sure if I will publish it though. :)

    I like your website...I need to pay a bit more attention and update mine more often than I do. Same goes for my business Facebook.

    Here's to our goals...and much success to both of us in 2012! {imaginary champagne glasses clinking together} :)

  2. well, of course you are a photographer. I could have told you that. So cool that you're doing it as a business. Maybe you can take the pictures at our family reunion next summer because it will be NEAR YOU! :-)

    E-bay is not hard. The main thing to do is to follow some auctions of similar stuff so you know how to price things and how to word your descriptions. If you answer all the questions people are likely to ask up front, it sounds like you know what you're doing. Easy. Follow some auctions this week and you could knock that one out this weekend.

    and meals. me, too. working on post about that in the next day or two, in fact.


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