Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 149)


The weather outside is frightful. And inside it is nice and warm. So lets blather for a bit. Remember, when you are done reading my witty insightfulness you should click on the picture above. That will whisk you, at the speed of my fast emptying bird feeders, over to Conversion Diary.

And now on with the shew!

Do you like specific ringtones for specific people or do you just use one standard ringtone for everyone.

Me, I like specific ringtones so that I know who is calling. And the standard ringtones that you get with your phone are always so boring.

So, I make my own ringtones. Or to be more specific I have Mobile17 do it for me. If you have itunes, internet and can receive txt messages on your cell phone then you are good to go. You tell Mobile17 what song you want to use. You tell it where to start and where to end. They make the ringtone and send it to you as a picture txt file and you are good to go.

So of course, even though I had a boat load to do last Saturday, I spent a bunch of time making new ringtones.

Now I know when LookLeap is calling.

I had a bunch of errands that I wanted to do today. Nothing earth shattering or time sensitive but just a list of things that need to get done.

But I am not doing them today because the weather is less than lovely. That is a nice way to say that it is snowing like gang busters and the temp is currently 18F. I can stay home I think. And in fact, I believe I am going to have another cup of coffee and read a book.

I earned it because I actually went out and walked this morning. Long johns, sweats, wool hat, extra sweatershirt with hood, two pairs of wool socks, two pair of mittens and a thick wool scarf as well as the parka…..and it was still a bit chilly at first.

Today I might also spend some time working on one of my BHAGs for 2012. You do know what a BHAG is? Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I have a number of them but the one that I might spend some time on today is scanning in my old pictures…..

And there are a lot of them. My taking of large numbers of photos did not start when I went digital. It was there a LONG time before that. And I just want to be sure that they are all preserved in digital form as the negatives went missing during some move somewhere.

But it takes so long to scan pictures and all that goes with that. I am not even re-editing any of them at the moment, only scanning in.

Does anyone else do this? Other than my father who is spending his time scanning in all of his old slides….boxes and boxes and boxes of them.

AND I might watch a DVD today as well. I haven’t had the chance to watch any of the DVD’s that I received at Christmas. So “Everybody Loves Raymond” may be in my future. Or perhaps another viewing of “The Holiday”, a movie that just makes me smile and smile.

Or I could revert to an old favorite standby like Aliens.

Oh the possibilities are endless.

Plus I need to work on my knitting KAL. A bunch of us at Tri-County Knitaholics are doing the Traveling Woman shawl.
Traveling woman

I have to say that all of us had a bit of trouble with the cast on. Not because it was in any way difficult because it really wasn’t. It just happens to be a cast on that isn’t my favorite. But there was a decided air of frustration for a bit. But now I am whizzing along.

Not that there is any competition between us.

Nope, not a bit.

Because, you know, I am not a competitive person.

Can I tell you that I am more enamored of my ipad with each day that passes. I read on it. I check email. I am not tied to my computer. I even took it into the kitchen this week because there was a recipe for Rosemary Bread that I had found on Pinterest that I wanted to make. Rather than printing it out I just took the trusty ipad into the kitchen and looked at the recipe that way.

And I figured out that I can lay in bed and watch a gluttonous number of YouTube videos. I am currently obsessed with InTheGarageTV channel.

The Redneck making fireworks in the garage is particularly funny.

And finally. One of my neighbors just figured out that I have this crazy blog. And she has been reading back through ALL of them. That means all the way back to 2008 when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. And frankly was a rather boring writer. Not that I am not boring now.

Never mind. Moving on.

And she wondered if I ever mentioned neighbors, other than LookLeap that is.

HI LINDA!!!!!!!

See, I do mention the neighbors.

But only in the nicest terms cuz….they all know where I live.


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  2. For the record, you are probably way ahead of me on the shawl. I haven't worked on mine since Monday.

    1. I don't know about way ahead since you had almost caught up to me. I have about 8 more rows before starting the lace pattern. I will be glad to be done with the seemingly endless rows of stockinette stitch interspersed with the occasional increase.

  3. Sadly I did have to venture out in this nasty weather - and am currently waiting in line at Quick Change!! My wiper broke I all days!!!! And, no special ring tones for me cause my brain can only remember one with 3 crazy kiddos running around. Tried that once and didn't know it was my phone ringing - lol!!!

    1. That stinks. I am not sure what I would have done if I had a cell phone when the progeny were little. I was a "bit" more scattered during those years.

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  5. Okay, cough it up: what do you have for my ring tone?? I hope it's better then what my "darling" husband has for me ... Darth Vader's theme music. (Grrr.)

    1. Oh yes, I knew about that "special" ringtone that The Tech Guy has for you. Hehehehehehe.

      My ringtone for you???Hmmmmmmm. Walking away. Not saying anything. But don't worry, it isn't bad.

  6. heh... I have a standard ringtone that I created, and then for the family and friends that are most likely to be phoning me I have individual ringtones. I steer shy of itunes though, so I use phonezoo which does something similar plus lets me search through the shocking number and variety of ring tones other people have created. It's great fun! =)


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