Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh Dear

I might have mentioned that it has been a brutally mild winter here at Chez Knit. It is almost freaky how little snow we have had and how much sunshine.

The sun rarely shines around here in the winter time. But this year we have had sun and “warm” temperatures for the most part. I mean today it is 45F for the love of Pete!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not actually complaining about the warmer weather and the lack of snow. It is just that sometimes warm temps can cause some things to get all Springtime happy a BIT too early.


I am looking out my kitchen window on Saturday afternoon and what do I see, sticking their heads up out of the snow…IN JANUARY.


My Daffodils that is what. So not good. Because I can tell you with some certainty that we will have more snow. And we will have more cold. Daffys can handle some of that but if there is too much cold then their little tips will be all yellow and ugly.


They are coming up all over the back garden.


And what is even WORSE is that some of my Day Lilys have stuck their tender little heads up to see what is happening in the garden. The daffodils can handle a bit of the cold but a day lily cannot.


Of course then there are the pansies that have self seeded all over the place. They think the snow and cold are just find and dandy.

Pansies are just plain crazy.

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  1. I just noticed your notation about living for comments (above), so I went looking for a poor little lonely post that didn't get any comments and decided to honor it with one. (I'm sure you're absolutely thrilled.) (...sarcasm.)

    Here it is a week since this entree was written and all those stupid, silly little flowers are now buried in a ever-growing layer of snow. Amazing what can happen in a few days up in the Frozen Northeast Ohio. Weather can change at a moment's notice around here! What fun. (Sarcasm again.)


Thank you SOOO much for commenting. We bloggers, of which I am such a minnow in such a big pond, live for our comments.