Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sea Foam Salad or What To Do With That Lime Jello

We have all been confronted with it.

You know, that box of Lime Jello that you inexplicably bought at the grocery store. Most likely because there was a “sale”. But then you got home, you looked at it and thought,

What the HECK was I thinking! Lime Jello?? I don’t even know what to do with Lime Jello!

Well, I am going to help you with that dilemma, because I have the perfect recipe to use what I consider as one of the most useless ingredients on the planet, lime jello, to make the most fabulous salad.

This isn’t TECHNICALLY adhering to the rules for “52 Food Adventures” but I am going to go with it because I am going to bet that most people have never cooked with Lime Jello. I wouldn’t unless I was using this recipe. It is Tuesday and I was out of ideas. Dandy love me and she won’t mind.

Oh I should tell you that here at Chez Knit there is some controversy about this “salad”. There are some who feel that the more proper designation for this recipe would be “dessert”. I will let you decide. I just call it deeeeeeeeelicious.


These are all the ingredients that you are going to need. Just 5 little things to bring you bliss.


Remember to include your progeny in the joyful process of cooking. Here Shoe Queen demonstrates her love for Sea Foam Salad.


Drain the canned pears but remember to reserve the pear juice. You will need it later.


Smoosh up the pears and set them aside. They will be added in a bit. I would suggest that you smoosh them up fairly fine. It is OK to have little bits of pear in the salad but not big chunks.


That is just a really disgusting color. This is 1 cup of the pear juice mixed with the box of jello and then heated in the microwave until very hot but not boiling. The jello has dissolved and the whole thing smells like a giant vat of green liquid Lifesavers.


If you have all the time in the world you can just let the jello/juice mixture cool to room temperature on it’s own. Or, you can help it along a bit.

While the jello is cooling you need to beat the cream cheese and the cream together until they are married and ready to go off on their honeymoon.

I didn’t take a picture of that. It was just too personal.


Then it is time to introduce the jello/juice to the mixture. Just pour it in and turn on the mixer. But don’t turn it on with too much vigor because you will then be cleaning lime jello off the walls…

Not that I would know anything about that mind you.

Moving on.

Don’t be alarmed by the slightly broken look of the mixture. It is fine and will even out when you add the cool whip.

Add the mashed up pears and continue to mix.

Then add the entire container of Cool Whip and let the mixer GENTLY mix it all together. No need to beat it within an inch of it’s life. You could even fold the stuff in like Julia Child would probably do.

Nah, just use the mixer.

And finally, when you have mixed it all together, put it in the serving bowl and let it sit in the frig for 4+ hours until it is thoroughly set, you have………….


Sea Foam Salad. Try not to eat it all in one sitting. Your waist line might never forgive you.

Oh and just a word of warning. If you have longish hair and you are the one making the salad and you decide to clean off the mixer paddle but licking it clean.

You might want to pull back your hair.


Just a suggestion.

>>>>>     SEA FOAM SALAD   <<<<<


  1. You are awesome. I will come back to this recipe. What kind of camera do you use?

  2. What's wrong with lime jello? I love it just as jello. I love lime in any form...even liquid lifesavers.

    That affront aside, the salad (yes, it's a salad) is wonderful. And, it will be made in North Carolina. Soon.

    1. Lime jello smells, and tastes like liquid green lifesavers, never my favorite.

  3. thankfully I do not have a box of lime jello in the pantry, but i do have several other flavors and I am on a mission to use up stuff in my pantry, so I may try this with a different flavor will let you know. LOVE your cheaters. :-) (or do you just wear glasses now?)

  4. @2nd Cup of CoffeeLinda, I have a Canon Rebel xSi with a bunch of lenses. Of course, I need MORE lenses.


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