Friday, February 5, 2010

This Isn't Quick Takes!

No, this isn't Quick Takes. Man you people are picky.

There is a 7 Quick Takes that has been prepared for this week. I slaved on it as I was sitting in the sun on the balcony of the in-laws condo, overlooking the Pacific. No I am not kidding, that is really where I wrote it. I will put pictures up next week.


I had to take an overnight flight from Lima to Newark. A flight that left at 12:20a this morning. We know that I am not a late night person and sleeping on airplanes, though possible, is never very good. And then another flight from Newark to Cleveland....

and I am tired and really in need of a shower. Enough said on that score.

So Quick Takes will be up tomorrow. Better late than never I always say.


  1. We, too, just returned from afar. Very much enjoyed the afar. Happy to be place like home.


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