Thursday, August 18, 2011

That Time Of The Year Again

It is that time of the year.

Shoe Queen has gone back to college. And the house feels very quiet right now.

1993_Noodle (rev 0)

I am sure by next week we will be back in our normal routine. HHBL and I are definitely routine oriented in some things.

Funny how, when the progeny were little, I couldn’t wait for them to go back to school.  Oh that first day was a day of rejoicing for me. The house stayed clean for more that 5 minutes. There weren’t people who needed my help RIGHT NOW even though I was IN THE BATHROOM FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! I am willing to be honest about this.

But eventually I came to love summer vacation. The stress and schedule free nature of it. The fact that the progeny were all home and it seemed like we laughed a lot.

Then Cartoon Girl went off to college. We moved her in the day that Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans.


Look we both have short hair!

Cartoon Girl came back for vacations of course but once they go off to college they really are gone for good. On their way to becoming adults.

Or at least you hope they are.

Then TMO went off to college.


She came home for vacations too but then there was that Tall Pakistani boy that came along

Engagement 1

Yup, he definitely looks like he grew up in Pakistan.

And finally it was Shoe Queen’s turn


She comes home for vacations and such. This stretch was 8 weeks long. But really, there will never again be a time when she is here for long stretches of time.

And now there is Slim Jim

Sigh. I think I need some ice cream to soothe.

Fine. No ice cream in the house so I had to content myself with cleaning out her room and bathroom and then….

A piece of French Silk Pie.

I feel slightly better now.

But it is still really quiet around here.


  1. Dang! They grow up too fast...

  2. Oh lord that picture of me is heinous. I just want all of your readers to know that I am significantly better looking now than I was then.

  3. I think you may have picked the worst picture of me I have ever seen for going off to college...YIKES!

  4. My 20 year old is on a date at the 17 year old is flying from Virginia to Colorado with a friend to visit her father for 10 days. She has made this same trip since she was 5 ~ and I miss her just as much tonight as I did when she was 5. They will be coming back...but I know one day very soon when they won't. I hope I have pie.


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