Monday, August 22, 2011

Muddled Monday

It is Monday.

That means that it is now 3p. I haven’t written a blog post. I have been on my feet since 5:23a. I have done 3 loads of laundry. I have been to the grocery store, 2 CVS stores and Walgreens.

And I just finished a batch of Tomato Peach Salsa.

I am tired. So that means that you get a stream of consciousness blog post.

You have been warned.

- To the person who stole my coupons RIGHT OUT OF MY CART this morning. I hope that you needed them very badly, all three of them. Otherwise you are just a low down dirty thief and a jerk to boot.

- Men, I am going to give you some hair advice. If the hair follicles on the top of your head are, shall we say a bit sparser than in younger days, DO NOT think that if you grow your hair out into long and flowing locks that this will look at all good. ESPECIALLY if you are wearing a “wife beater” tee shirt. Bad idea.

- I wonder if I can have a glass of wine now. It has to be 5 o’clock somewhere. Heck, it is 8p in London, I am actually late getting that glass of wine!

- I am totally obsessed with canning things. Today it was Tomato Peach salsa. Oh my word this stuff is FABULOUS. Now I just have to let it “mature” a bit. And I have to get some tortilla chips. The recipe only made 6 pints. I am not sure that this is enough.

- we had a party here at Chez Knit on Saturday. Someone (Guido!) left several bags of potato chips….and one of them is BBQ. I am doomed. They will haunt me until I have consumed the entire bag. Help me.

- For some reason today I can sense that Fall is coming. Maybe it is because the temp is cooler (55F when I went out to walk!). Maybe it is the sunlight angle. But what every it is, Fall is coming. And that makes me happy.

- I get to see my cousins at Thanksgiving. Sweet! Hey Heather, tell Thom if he wants me to show him how to make his own mayonnaise I will be glad to. (Snicker, snicker).

- Can someone tell me what we are having for dinner? I haven’t a clue and personally, my cooking mojo has been used up in the Tomato Peach salsa making.

- Pinterest is eating my internet time. Save me. Or better yet follow me.

- This was the sky yesterday just before the heavens opened up at HHBL’s baseball game.

I got wet. And when it stopped and the game resumed I just stayed in the car for the last two innings. I am such a supportive wife.

I am done.

Is it bedtime yet?


  1. It's going to be in the 90s here today... But I do get a sense fall is coming too. I think because it's 10 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. Oh and the grass is brown.


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