Friday, August 5, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 127)


Good golly it is AUGUST people! Where has the summer gone? And here it is time for Quick Takes again. You know the routine. When you are done reading my brain dump then click the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the rising national debt, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been doing.

And now on with the show.

I have to admit that I have not spent a ton of time this week actually editing the photos from Nick and Cassandra’s wedding. That will be next weeks project…a many hour project. I have looked at the photos and played with one or two but I wanted to give myself a few days away from the event so that I could come at the photos with fresh eyes.


I have to tell you that the new lens is just too much fun to take pictures with. The results are fabuloso!

Does anyone around here have a baby that I can practice taking photos with? I need the practice.

Shoe Queen’s boyfriend has been visiting this week. For the life of me I am stumped as to the proper “blog name” to bestow upon him. I know that it will come to me in a stroke of inspiration but as yet the name muse has not given me the heads up on it.

We are all going to the zoo tomorrow. I am hoping that it does not rain.

With our luck this summer it will hail AND snow.

I have not been on a bike since……July 9th. That is bad.

That is very bad.

It is bad for a number of reasons.

If I want a new bike next year I have to have logged 500 miles by the end of the season and I am only a bit over 200.

It means that I have basically been a slug for the month of July. But I have an excuse! It was hot. It was DANG hot. And I don’t like to ride in really hot weather.

And it also means that this morning, when I get on Hi Ho Silver for a ride with HHBL, I am really going to be a hurtin’ cowboy later on.

Oh momma.

The latest lace knitting project that was finished up this past week. She is just lovely.


I can hardly wait to wear her! She is my Summer Surprise Shawl. And can I say that I loved this pattern and am going to do it again only I am going to make it a bit bigger.

In the spirit of confession I must tell you…

I bought Pop Tarts this week.

Hanging head in abject shame.

But really it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t even thinking of Pop Tarts (much). But Tamara over at Watching Grass Grow started discussing Pop Tarts on Twitter and that was all she wrote.

When I went to the grocery store on Monday I was compelled by forces beyond my control to buy a box of …….

Cinnamon Sugar Frosted Pop Tarts. The only kind that are any good to eat in my opinion. None of those fruit things no siree. Something that packs a sugar punch that is what I want.

And they are sooooooooooo good.

I learned a valuable lesson this week.

I must not watch TV in bed.

For some time now I have had the bad habit of turning on the TV when going to bed. Watch a bit, channel surf (another bad habit), fall asleep sometimes with the TV on.

And then I noticed something. I had trouble falling asleep if the TV wasn’t on. That is not good. And I also noticed that I was having trouble sleeping through the night. Or more trouble cuz you know I am 51 years old and I ALWAYS have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

But taking that little bit out of the equation I was having trouble sleeping. So I decided no TV in bed, just reading. Oh fine, just reading and other things. Sheesh!  And I had been sleeping well. And life was good.

And then I made the mistake of turning on the TV in the bedroom just to check the Indians score. And that led to watching some program on “48 Hours Mystery” on some serial rapist and murderer. And I was totally engrossed in watching the program. And when it came time to turn off the TV and go to sleep I was able to do that but my brain was so awake that it didn’t want to stay asleep. And I had a terrible night’s sleep.

No. TV. In. Bed.

And now I have been on the bike ride mentioned in #3. And I can report to you that it was as ugly as I had feared.

The Ride: The Blueberry Hill of Exquisite Pain, 10.2 miles.

And because I hadn’t been on Hi Ho for a month I ordered up a side of Whining and Groaning just for good measure.

The Road kill Report: One newly departed ground hog. One NOT so newly departed raccoon. And one porn magazine.

And how do I know that it was a porn magazine you are asking yourself? Well, I saw the magazine and slowed down to see if it was something I might be interested in……

And realized that I should leave it right where it was.

Moving along. Nothing to see here. Pedal faster.


  1. I think "Smiley Jim" or "That Nice Wheaton Boy" have good rings to it :) But those are just my suggestions. And yes I know that I should be working instead of reading your blog...

  2. He's a Wheaton boy? Wow, a lot of options come to mind with that one.

    Regarding #6, Hubby always fell asleep to the TV when he was single and whined constantly for years because I wouldn't allow a TV in the bedroom. We finally have one there, but the rule is that he has to turn it off when one of us (usually me) is ready to go to sleep. I read, he watches SportsCenter.

  3. Log those miles, Debbie. You won't believe the difference a new bike will make! 10 miles will feel like 5. I promise you.

    If you don't mind carting your bike 20 minutes south, the Bike & Hikes are mostly shaded, so on hot days it isn't too bad.


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