Saturday, January 31, 2009


In honor of the Super Bowl which is contested tomorrow, I have provided you with your video of the day. This has absolutely nothing to do with football just so that you know. It does deal with why people really want to watch the Super Bowl. No, not the Super Bowl ads although those are a plus. I don't even think most people watch because they actually love football. No, it is the food. The snacks, the lovely hamburgers, the appetizers, the deli sandwiches. You get the picture. Thanks to Aunt Judie for the video. I just don't have time to scour YouTube for all of this stuff. So here, without further ado......GUACAMOLE!



  1. Should I be taking a hint?

    (Actually, it sounds pretty good! I'll look for some ripe avocados at Heinens!!)

  2. Well, I wasn't hinting but if you WANT to then I am sure we will eat it.

  3. Love that video--I steal mine from others also. I left you an award on my blog.


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