Friday, January 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 7)

Lookee, lookee "7 Quick takes" now has a cool logo. Thanks Jen! Make sure that you go over to Conversation Diary and check out the rest of the weekly entries. I just love Fridays (for a lot of reasons).
Obviously this week was momentous in Washington D.C. and all over the US. Barak Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. I watched a lot of the coverage on Tuesday even though I had not planned to. I didn't vote for Barak Obama but I have to tell you that I want him to be successful. I was awestruck by the whole thing and at least one point was moved to tears much to my amazement. Of course it is historic because President Obama is black. But I was just overcome by the fact that no other country that I can think of has a transition of power like we do. At one point there were 5, count 'em, 5 former and current Presidents on the platform. Not only were we transitioning from one administration to another but also from one party in power to another and all went smoothly and with grace and humility (except for the no class jerks who booed Bush when he entered and when he left). Amazing.
By the time some of you read this I will have started cleaning out and reorganizing my pantry. Oh I get shivers of joy just thinking about it. I hate when things that started out organized slowly descend into chaos (sort of like the government). Makes me crazy(sort of like the government). So, after I get back from my monthly prayer breakfast with some friends I am going to totally empty my pantry, clean it top to bottom and put everything back. I can hardly wait.
Yesterday was a perfectly sunny day here in Northeast Ohio. Amazing. We so rarely have a day when there is not a cloud in the sky. We are one of the cloudiest places in the US during the winter time so a totally sunny day is a joy. I had to be out to do a quick errand and I saw a ton of people out running or walking or taking the dog for a walk. We know how to enjoy the sun when we see it. If we could just see it a little more that would be really nice.
When do you listen to music (if you do that is). I love my ipod and I love most kinds of music (with the exception of rap). I listen to music all the time. But, I can't listen to music if I am writing or reading, the low level distraction just seems to disrupt my thought processes. So, I must write and read in relative silence. That was really difficult when the girls were little hence very little reading was done by me. My DH on the other hand does some of his best work with music blaring. Just goes to show how different two people can be.
Oh yeah, tonight is homemade pizza night!! I love pizza, I really love pizza. But, when you order pizza from the local pizza place it is really expensive, and I tend to find that it is a tad higher is salt content than I like. The salt issue is why I don't ever eat Pizza Hut pizza. What do they do at that place, soak the pizza in salt solution? But I digress, which is normal. I have to say that I wish I had taken up making pizza while the girls were still little and at home but I didn't. I can and do make my own pizza dough on occasion but tonight I will be using fresh dough purchased at our local food market. It is really good and we love the whole wheat dough. I have experimented with using my pizza stone as opposed to just putting it on a tray and baking it and I have to say that the pizza stone didn't make it that much better and added to all the clean up mess. Oh dinner time can't come fast enough.
Breakfast this morning will be spent with my prayer buddies. Isn't it a wonderful thing to have a group of women who you know are praying for you and your concerns just as you are praying for them. These women have all been my friends for many years and we all have children who are about the same ages. I love my Friday morning monthly "prayer breakfasts". Of course, I have to confess that I also love the fact that I will have bacon and eggs plus biscuits while we are sharing prayer requests but that is just the icing on the cake (so to speak). I really love bacon.
I really hate ironing. I do, I just don't like it. But I still have to do it and I don't have any spare children around here who will do it for me so I guess that will be one of the tasks for tomorrow. I do have to say that I take my husband's good shirts to the cleaners where they put a lovely amount of starch in the shirts and press them. When he had a job that required him to wear a suit every day that ended up being a lot of shirts going to the cleaners. Now he works for a "golf entertainment company" which means very little suit wearing. Just as an aside, he looks REALLY good in a suit so I sort of miss those days. Anyways, I will get the ironing done tomorrow morning so that it won't be hanging over my head.

See you next week!!!


  1. question--yes, ordering pizza is not cheap, but is making your own that much cheaper? I find that by the time I've bought the canned sauce, enough cheese, meat, the fresh peppers and maybe one or two of those exotic toppings that my husband insists on, making my own pizza is as expensive as ordering it--and much more work. How do you keep the price down?

  2. i'm the only one in my house who isn't a pizza hut fan. i prefer papa johns. i do homemade pizza sometimes, which hubby and i like, but my kids prefer pizza hut. ugh.

  3. Sara you have a point about making the homemade pizza affordable. I can buy pizza dough for $1.30 a bag (makes a large pizza). I actually will buy pizza sauce from Walmart and "doctor" it a bit. That is another $1.30 (and the container can be used on at least 3 pizzas). Cheese was $2.50 and since most of the time we eat cheese pizza or the toppings are whatever I happen to have on hand it can be economical.

  4. Pantry cleaning! Oh, I love it! Actually, my "pantry" always was just one shelf (we shared the kitchen with four dorm mates), but still, maybe this time I would put the herbs on the left and the cereals on the right...

    Everything is possible with that shiny empty shelf.


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