Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 130–Pine

Day 130 - Pine

At OCK there was never a time when I couldn’t look out any window and see something that would grab my attention and have me going for Big Bertha to take a photo.

But now I live in a much more urban/suburban environment. My garage shares a wall with the neighbor’s garage. I can look into my neighbor’s windows as I walk Max. It is definitely different. That doesn’t mean bad, just different. And I am working to train my eye to see the beauty and the unusual in my new home.

There is a pine tree that is outside the Family room window. It isn’t a beautiful thing. It is one of those spindly kind of pine trees that more resemble Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree than anything else. But I was standing on my little patio and all of a sudden I looked and the sun was shining at just a certain way through the branches and I was struck.

I am sure that my new neighbors, if they were watching and I bet some were cuz they love to gossip, would have been shooting phone calls back and forth to talk about the crazy new neighbor who stood there for a really long time just looking at the tree before taking pictures.

Can you IMAGINE what they are going to say when I start taking neighborhood photo walks?

I played A LOT with the shadows, highlights and contrast with this picture and then I also made it black and white. For some reason it speaks to me.


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