Monday, September 2, 2013

Bovine Bahookies and SO Much More

It’s Labor Day! And you know what that means. It means that this morning HHBL and I got in the car and drove out to the Great Geauga County Fair. It is a yearly tradition that cannot be ignored. We got there at our usual time (10a). We parked in our usual place (the high school). We left at the usual time (1p).



There were cow butts in abundance. You knew there would be. And several days before I went to the fair people started posting pictures on Facebook of cow butts just for me.

Oh Lordy. I’m trending.


And more cow butts. I would take pictures of their lovely cowy faces if they were facing the other way. But butts it is.

Then on to the Sheep barn we went. I like to look at the sheep. I like to pet the sheep. I like to think about what I would knit with the sheep.


Does this fellow look all hauty and full of himself? He aught to. According to his owner he was a Grand Champion last year at Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Now that is impressive! And his fleece was BEAUTIFUL.

Don’t know what Maryland Sheep and Wool is? Then you are most likely not a heavy duty knitter.

Sir Lambs a Lot and his knights Sir Lambs a Lot and his Knights of the Round Hay Bale were again in attendance. There was some woman standing behind me trying to convince her kid that this was actually a gang of sheep and these were their gang colors. Sort of like the bandanas that the Crips and Bloods wear.

Or not.


This little girl was totally fascinated with the sheep. And the sheep seemed to be equally taken with her. This is why I bring a telephoto lens with me.

Stand back and observe is my watch word for the day.


Oh be still my beating heart. Miniature work boots for tromping in the mud. And there was definitely mud. It rained last night.

Demon Bunny Eye

Why do white bunnies always have demon eyes? All he did was stare at me. I just reminded him that in many cultures people EAT bunnies so he had better watch it!

Elvis Presley pig

Look! It’s Elvis Presley Pig. Thankyouverymuch.

HHBL just walks on and does his own thing. I seem to anthropomorphize the animals a bit too much for his taste.

And then it was on to HHBL’s favorite barn……


Stop looking at my unfortunate comb condition!

I spent a great deal of unsuccessful time trying to get a good picture of one of the many roosters crowing. I would concentrate on one rooster and all the others would crow. I would turn around and concentrate on another rooster who had just spent 5 minutes crowing and he would stop and the rooster that I had just been standing in front of would start to crow.

A vast rooster conspiracy!

So I quit and went to look at the rest of the chickens. Pffffft!


Ooooooo, an egg fresh out of…..

Fresh out of….

Well, fresh out of wherever eggs pop out of. I think we won’t explore that too much.

This is after all a family blog.

IMG_3905_aLet me out of here.


All the turkeys were on some sort of gobblefest while we were standing there. One would gobble and then they would all gobble. Sort of a wave of gobble would sweep down the wall of turkeys. Totally turkey all the time.

And a bit unnerving if you ask me.


Oh my gosh, little people on big horses. Slays me every time. The last picture.


I can’t stand it. He was so serious about doing this just right.

And the hat. I am clutching my heart in sheer delight.

You can’t see it but he also has cowboy boots on.

Slay me.

And then we decided that we were hungry.

Oh my word and all the stars in heaven I love fair food.

2013-09-02 11.49.37

We always start with onion rings, fresh from the grease. And I do mean fresh. We had to wait as the Russian mafia that mans the stall made these just for us.

I am still burping them up.

And my breath could actually melt steel.

But it was SO worth it.

We walked around for a bit. We watched the people.

We contemplated getting something else to eat. We actually stood in line to get some fried cheese but the woman was taking SO….LONG doing the order in front of us, and telling the gentlemen about how she was laid off from her job at a plastics factory that we threw in the towel and moved on. IMG_3948_a

Some how I think dipping veggies in batter and deep frying them might negate their healthful qualities.

Or is that just me?


We stopped at the Book Tent, which is actually a building. And for once I didn’t buy a single book. I showed great restraint.

I am still unpacking books at Chez Knit Deux and don’t know where I am going to put them so I really had no business buying anything else of the book variety.

I am patting myself on the back right now.

And then it was time to cap our time at the fair with our usual 4H Milkshake.


Good golly there was a HUGE line. In fact this was one of three huge lines. More people than I had ever seen at the Milk Shake Booth. And then we saw the sign that said “Buy One, Get One Free”.

Ah, now I understand.

AND they have added a “Flavor of the Day” this year. Today’s flavor was Coffee, which HHBL picked.

You might be assuming that because of my excessive love for coffee that was also what I picked. But you would be incorrect. For all my overwhelming obsession love for coffee, I do not like anything that combines coffee with sweet.


2013-09-02 12.39.59

I had my usual Chocolate. Delicious. Smooth. Chocolatey. Oh be still my beating heart.

And after all the crap fair food that I consumed it just might be still.

2013-09-02 12.44.25

That baby was gone faster than Anthony Weiner’s reputation.

And with a lot less trauma.


Then it was time to finish our fair day with the usual band concert. There was an especially large crowd this year. The band was great. The perfect ending to the usual orgy of pig butts and cow butts and turkey butts and grease and salt and sugar.

I need a nap.

And I need to find the antacids!!!

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  1. I have missed checking in here.. and the funnies.. lol.. you're killing me!! Love the photos too.. the little hand and the sheep just melts my heart ♥ -Tammy


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